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    Wen Hsin Yang

    Odoo is a breath of fresh air and the only competitor I could find that fits into the new age of management software. The price difference is incredible. It was 75% less than competitors. I was shocked.

    Jacky Lecuivre


    Odoo allowed our company to grow from a turnover of 2.4m$ to 15m$ in only 4 years. Oh, and it’s so inexpensive that I first thought that their yearly quote was monthly. :)

    Pankaj Takkar

    Engginium INC

    We could not thank Odoo enough for making our lives so simple and easy. As a manufacturing company, going with Odoo was a game-changer.

    Stella Fredo

    Geely (CEVT)

    With Odoo, our lead times and processes were reduced from weeks to days, days to hours, and hours to minutes. That is how business software should be: helping employees do more in less time!

    Marc Peeters

    General Manager of the Vending Division, Sodexo

    We replaced 14 legacy applications by Odoo and increased revenues by 10% overnight. It’s incredible the leverage you get when details are well managed in a clean system.

    David Fowler

    Apa yang kami dapat selesaikan dengan NetSuite dalam 100 hari dapat Odoo selesaikan dalam 10. Saya sering kali menemukan kasus dimana masalah yang susah diselesaikan dengan Netsuite sudah terdapat solusinya dengan Odoo. Bagamana mungkin Odoo bisa 7x lebih murah dari Netsuite? Just incredible!

    Nür Alsahlaïd

    With most systems, you get 70% of what you hoped. With Odoo, you get more than what you expected. You, guys, will transform the market.

    Ministério da Educação


    Over the past three years, we replaced 150 legacy applications by Odoo. We use Odoo for several of our most complex and visible processes: HR, budgets, assets management, road infrastructure, universities, inventories, etc. It allowed us to cut our budgets by 70%, for a better system!
    -- Siaran Pers Resmi dari Komisi Eropa [1] [2] [3]

    SAP Digital Supply Chain


    Have you found the secret of supply chain efficiency in disruption? Read the Oxford Economics Study to see what we learned

    Dr. Dilkhush


    Yup- our company finally figured it out. The secret is to reduce expense on SAP, reduce complexity and cost, and switch to a 21st century customer centric solution like @Odoo. Seluruh penerapan/implementasi membutuhkan biaya lebih sedikit dibanding biaya AMC dari sistem SAP kami yang sudah membengkak. Keputusan terbaik yang pernah kita ambil. Sampai jumpa, SAP!

    Enis Hyseni

    Senior software architect

    #Odoo was an interesting experience.
    The more we learnt about it, the more we realized how pure the system is.

    In Kosovo, starting from nothing in just 1.5 years, we built the system of:

    1. Franchise of largest courier provider in Europe.
    2. The second largest ISP of the country.
    3. Largest fitness network in the country.
    4. Two largest municipalities, including capitol of Kosovo.

    This is how effective Odoo is, and from my point of view as a software architect, it's the best open source platform ever done.

    Musaib Shaikh

    Associate software engineer at NewVision Software

    Same story here. Working just too good.

    Xavier Schmitz

    CEO of Santi-Shop

    I used a lot of other ECommerce previously like OS-Commerce, PrestaShop or Magento. I think this is definitely simpler and more user-friendly. Furthermore, I like that you don't need to be a designer or coder to start your ECommerce.