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[Torchwell]与全球知名品牌如SAP, Odoo等长期合作,秉承“需求,服务,价值”的理念,自主研发和创新,将国际知名品牌的产品技术与自动化,信息化应用技术融为一体,为芯片设计与制造,家电,汽车零部件,医疗大健康与智慧印刷等行业各类制造企业提供了专业的智能制造与智慧供应链综合解决方案,我们的优势在于OT与IT技术的融合与瓶颈打通,打破OT与IT之间思维壁垒,我们能从各个领域提供性价比最高的解决方案。

Torchwell - [Needs.Service.Value.]

Torchwell Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (abbr. Torchwell), founded in 2004, is a comprehensive solution provider focusing on smart manufacturing and smart supply chain. our products mainly include equipment automation / IOT transformation, digital plant solutions, smart supply chain collaborative solutions, etc.

[torchwell] has long-term cooperation with global famous brands such as SAP, Odoo, etc., adhering to the concept of "needs, service, value", independent R & D and innovation, integrating the product technology of international famous brands with automation and information application technology, providing professionals for various manufacturing enterprises in semiconductor design and manufacturing, house appliance, automotive parts, healthcare and intelligent printing industries. Our advantage lies in the integration and bottleneck of OT and IT technology, breaking the thinking gap between OT and IT, and we can provide the most cost-effective solution from various fields.

Torchwell - [Needs.Service.Value.]

We carefully listen to customer needs, provide professional services, and create more business value for you.