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Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD.

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Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD.

Our Mission 

“To deliver outstanding business value through best practices in implementation.”

What Makes Us Unique? 

Wide Spectrum of Skills and Experience in IT Management & ERP Services  .

The competence and focus of a strategic, trusted advisory To provide premium, value added ERP solutions to our clients

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Clients Retention ~ 100%

Our clients don’t consider us as suppliers, but trusted partners.

 Expertise is not limited to its resources based in Egypt, but also on a network of strategic partners in more than 30 different partners all over the world

And more feature you can get. For more details please contact us..

+20 11 242 87387



Akai Egypt One of the leading import and export companies in Egypt
Akai Egypt company is the sole agent for the Japanese company Akai in the Middle
Akai Egypt also owns many of the ingredients that make them invade the Egyptian
Akai Egypt is characterized by the diversity of its products from electrical
appliances - household appliances
Products also vary from company (screens - electric fuaces - Water coolers - Air
conditioning - Fans - Heaters
BASS is a global IT company providing quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.
As the first EMC partner in the Middle East & Gulf and a trusted EMC C3P partner, BASS provides a wide
range of Documentum-based services from implementations to solutions.
Boom Plus for Manufacturing
Boom Plus for Manufacturing
Let us introduce ourselves as a major Pasta and Wheat Flour production and
exporting company in Egypt, with global clientele. Quality guaranteed as we‟re
ISO 9001 certified. If you‟re an African Company you‟ll be happy to know that
we‟re a COMESA member. You must‟ve tasted our Pasta and Flour as we have
more than 15 Pasta brands and 30 Wheat flour brands worldwide.
Boom Plus for Manufacturing & Commerce was founded in 2004. We found our
drive in the Food Stuff business. “A competitive and promising market”. From
boot strapping with our first client to having our clientele in 40+ countries we
surged in Wheat Flour and Pasta manufacturing and export. Now, we‟re growing
our production capacity as the demand grows.
Along the years we have faced numerous problems but our strong concept,
„Everything is possible‟, and loyal clients kept us going. We like business as well
as challenges and we‟re up to making the best out of them, 24/7 all year round.
Our goal is forming lifetime business partnerships with honored clients. Success
stories begin when you choose experts.
Environ Adapt for Recycling Industries
Environ Adapt for Recycling Industries
INTRO Group is a private, influential, Egyptian conglomerate that has proven its success within the region. It is comprised of a diverse group of companies in various fields which include but are not limited to, trading & commercial representation, oil and gas and engineering, which have united and evolved over the years to form one group. INTRO Group’s solid foundation started with the establishment of INTRO Trading & Contracting in 1980, which mainly aimed to serve and aid the Egyptian economy through investments, partnerships and alliances.

Over the years INTRO Group began to expand into new profitable business areas in numerous fields such oil and gas, real estate, specialized remote engineering, financial investment and atmospheric gases. From The 1980s till present INTRO Group has remained successful and is still supporting its consolidated subsidiaries with financing, operational business management and controlling activities.
General October, Mina Magdy
General October, Mina Magdy
We are a story of 20 years of experience in distributing all electrical components. We provided electrical products for more than 150 factories and about 100,000 apartment. We have about 800 brands for you to choose from (from a very high quality products to reasonable price products). Because we work with only genuine products so we have a solid reputation in the market and this is the secret of our success story.
Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD.
Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD.

Mentor is an Egyptian shareholding company headquartered in Cairo. Our core services encompass IS Management Consultancy, Managed Services, Business and Systems Integration covering ERP CRM, BI, mobility, ECM, Operations and Maintenance Services; all supported by best of breed resources with international work standards experiences and ethics, More importantly, our Experience in the Egyptian, Middle East and international market, which are best employees, allow us to have the perfect fit solutions for our clients. Through our resources, methodologies, partners and local knowledge and know how we deliver best solutions that meet our clients’ business needs

TEXMAR is one of the leading names in the home textiles manufacturing field
. Cherishing it’s reputation for innovation and quality, it has grown into one of
the Egyptian brands, globally renowned and respected.
Started in Cairo of the swinging seventies by MR.MOHAMED MARDINI, serving
both retail business and hospitality projects business field , since 35 years with
reference of more than 1100 project worldwide. As well as the company certified by
the quality management and assurance system ISO 9001
Utopia International school
Utopia International school
Utopia International School is the learning home for a very special community
of students, educators, administrators, and management.
We all share the common aim to ensure that each and every student in our
care has access to the most valuable, fulfilling and enjoyable learning real
world experience.
Through these experiences our students are given opportunity to use their
newly acquired skills and knowledge in active pursuit of positive contributions
to their community as they build and enhance their individual personalities
and communication skills.
الشركة المصرية العالمية لصناعة الطحن
الشركة المصرية العالمية لصناعة الطحن
The Egyptian International Milling Company is
made up of camel mills, which is a Swiss industry by Buhler, which is the best
company on the world in the manufacture of milling equipment. Camels mills
use high-quality American and Australian wheat exclusively in all of its well-
known and popular products at the level of the republic with a grinding capacity

of 850 tons per day.
الشركة المصرية العالمية لصناعة الطحن
تتكون من مطاحن الجمل وهي صناعة سويسرية من شركة بوهلر والتي تعتبر افضل شركة علي متوي العالم في صناعة معدات الطحن وتستخدم مطاحن الجمل الاقماح الامريكية والاسترالية عالية الجودة دون سواها في كافة منتجاتها المشهورة تكون من 12 صومعه معدنية من انتاج مشترك من بين افضل الشركات الالمانية والاسبانية والفرنسية بسعه تخزينينة قدرها 75000 طن مصنوعه من الصلب عالي المقاومه للعوامل الجوية وبها نقرة استقبال الاقماح بقدرة 200والمتعارف عليها علي مستوى الجمهوية بقدرة طاحنة 850 طن يوميا