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IATL International Co Ltd
IATL International Co Ltd
Since 1994, IATL International has been a pioneer in the Sudanese technology market, supplying both the public and private sectors with quality IT supplies, products and services, ranging from computers and printing machines to business applications and software.
IATL International in partnership with Odoo, brings state of the art business enhancement solutions to the doors of its customers. When it comes to implementing ERP solutions, we think of ourselves as providers of business consultancy r ...
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FCISS for Integrated solution and Services
FCISS for Integrated solution and Services
FCiSS can help you improve your ability to capitalize on new trends and opportunities and transform into a modern, data-driven company.
GSK for Information Technology
GSK for Information Technology Certified v12
GSK is a leading Sudan based provider of security, communication, networking, and IT services. Adopting and implementing our total safety philosophy, GSK has provided the most advanced and sophisticated solutions to many of the major clients in the country. ...
University of Khartoum
University of Khartoum
The roots of the University of Khartoum (U of K) go back to 1898 when Lord Kitchener of Khartoum
proposed founding a college in memory of General Gordon. Funds for the proposed college were
raised by private subscription, and the plans for the building were drawn by the Khedive's architect,
Fabricus Pasha.
The new college, named the Gordon Memorial College, was officially opened in 1902. The present
University of Khartoum is the result of the natural transformation of the Gordon Memorial College ...