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E-Global SCM solutions Sdn Bhd

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PLO 158, Jalan Murni 12
Taman Perindustrian Murni,
81400 Senai, Johor

E-Global SCM Solutions


Now every small-to-medium enterprise (SME) can leverage Enterprise-Resource Planning (ERP) cloud technology from E-Global SCM Solutions Sdn. Bhd. to build, collaborate and smoothly integrate comprehensive business applications that result in accelerated growth.

Who We Are:

As an innovative leader in the design and development of software solutions for a vast range of SME industries, we at E-Global SCM Solutions Sdn. Bhd. can customize and implement software management services that will help businesses operate much more efficiently.

E-Global SCM Solutions has proudly served as the official Odoo all-in-one management software partner in Malaysia since 2006, which was prior to the replacement of TinyERP by OpenERP.  As we constantly evolve in the technology landscape, our dedicated team of experts and engineers are passionate about navigating challenges in order to deliver reliable Odoo software solutions that correspond to each company’s needs.

We initially began providing software customization services in 1995 by utilizing platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.  We have rapidly advanced with our use of technology stacks such as Windows, Web 2.0 and mobile in addition to using databases such as Paradox, DBF, Microsoft Access, MsSQL, MySQL (MariaSB), Firebird, Interbase, As400, NoSQL database management system and Google Firebase.  As a Google developer, we are also experienced in Google technology stacks which include the integration of Gmail, Spreadsheets and GScripts with Odoo.

Our services have expanded throughout the local small-to-medium enterprise market in locations such as Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Johor and Singapore.  Our key domains include e-commerce, retail POS, human resource and payroll, data analysis, localization of GST and financial accounting for Odoo. We have implemented ERP operations for various industries such as retail, trading and wholesale distribution, fast-moving consumer goods, oil and gas pressure vessel/engineering, manufacturing companies, food manufacturer and accounting management services just to name a few.

How We Can Help Streamline Your Business:

With our established experience, insightful expertise, passion and integrity our primary goal is to design, develop and deliver software solutions for our clients while cultivating valuable business relationships within the local SME market.  Discover how E-Global SCM Solutions can customize a quality ERP solution from the perspective of your unique business needs which will integrate your essential office functions into a single platform resulting in dynamic results.