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MRP & UoM purchase

Luis Alberto Guzman Garcia
- 01/06/2019 03:27:31

Hello guys,

I've being presented with an MRP implementation which by itself is a little bit challenging since it's for food industry and it has multiple BoM/UoM.

But what intrigues me the most is the purchase of wholesale products.

Since it's necessary to receive products in very different presentations, I was thinking to use custom UoM, so the products can be used on a BoM more easily.

Let's say there would be a vendor that sell milk in qt of gallon, and they sell a box with 4, another would sell boxes of 8 qt (for some reason).

AFAIK, it is not possible to use a UoM that multiplies the base factor (qt), since qt is Volume and a multiplier would be units(?).

I was thinking if the Purchase Unit would work, but then I would need to create another custom UoM for each multiplier.

  • UoM 1 = qt  = qt x 1
  • UoM 2 = qt x 4
  • UoM 3 = qt x 8

So every product could come in packages that by them self are in custom sizes that doesn't fit,

  • (1) lb
  • (1) kg
  • (1) Liter
  • (1) Galllon
  • etc

The example above may not be very clear, so let's try another one. Let's say a package of 3qt oil-bottles, with 2 bottles (each package).

By itself 3qt is one (custom) UoM, right?
So the purchase order would use another unit, let's say 3qt(x2) box, so I can use that "package" as a purchase unit, in the purchase order I would buy let's say, 5 3qt(x2) packages.
So when receiving on the warehouse, I would receive 10 3qt bottles in the inventory.

What I'm saying is that when purchasing products in wholesale, it changes the way a workflow using simple units would be, since at the end, all the products will be used in a BoM that require track of the amount of Volume & Weight, specific to each recipe.

I thought that packaging and packages  could be of use.
But IIUC packaging is only a visual note of what is used as to contain the product.

And package(s) is(/are) only used internally to track moves of products across warehouses or locations, so not available to purchase packs of products.

Is there some pointer, suggestion, recommendation,  or correction on the scope I'm considering.

Best regards.