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Re: Odoo website dangerous redirection

Openworx, Mario Gielissen
- 12/10/2018 15:29:07
This redirect works (and also with other Odoo websites).


Van: "Edward L. Gow" <>
Aan: "Technical" <>
Verzonden: Vrijdag 12 oktober 2018 21:20:52
Onderwerp: Re: Odoo website dangerous redirection

Hi Othmane,

I tried various URLs of the form
A wine bar implemented Odoo Online two years ago. From Inventory to Point of Sales, discover how they are managing and selling their wines.
 against the various pages of the Odoo site and I could not get it to do the redirect. If this could be reproduced against the Odoo site then it would probably get attention. 


From: GHANDI Othmane <>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2018 10:03:21 AM
To: Technical
Subject: Odoo website dangerous redirection
Hi all

When you put an URL like this : server_name/website/lang/fr_FR?r= => it will redirect you to youtube or whatever link you put after ?r=

How we can overcome this ?

Thanks a lot

Othmane Ghandi
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