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Trigger routes in Manufacture order when confirm

- 27/04/2016 04:41:44
Dear community,

As in the schema bellow, I want to create Manufacturing order that consume material from a location called "floor" and trigger a picking from one of my raw material warehouse based on availability.
Inline image 1

The process I had in mind:
1. User confirm the MO (where Raw Material location = Floor)
2. The system apply procurement rules trigger material from one of my warehouse to location "floor".
3. User warehouse transfer the move (from 1 Wh to Floor)
4. User production consume the MO (move from floor to production)
My problems:
1. I want to make the move "consume" in supply type "mto" in order to generate procurement rules. What is the best way to change this?
2. I want the route to trigger from a warehouse where I have available stock. One solution could be to replenish from a parent location of the 2 warehouses but the problem is that the move from the 2 warehouses will be in 1 picking. This is not want I want since the picking from the warehouse will be processed by two different teams.

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