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RE: Purchase Order numbering

Agung Prasetyo
- 18/04/2016 05:43:59
Dear Quentin, ,

V9, And I am stuck about the way to import PO from CSV, it always said NULL etc.
Did you have a csv template that I can use to import PO from csv file? 
I want to import PO which contain a product that already on a system and new product that still not on the system, 

Tks n Brgds

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Le 18/04/2016 11:28, Agung Prasetyo a écrit :
> Dear All, ,
> is there any way to change back my PO number to specific number that i 
> want, , this morning i try to import a purchase order and it failed, 
> and when i try to input my PO manually, the PO is begin in PO 002700 
> i/o PO0016 which is supposed to be.
In which version of Odoo are you ?