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RE: Can't install the sale_stock module

Mazhar Iqbal Rana
- 04/02/2016 06:14:48
Make sure you have deleted all the places where this product have been used in the system. Check the stock warehouse to see where this product appears MRP, SO, PO, etc and delete all the document or remove the product from them. Then try again. If you have already made a delivery order and received payment on the goods, then this might be a problem because you might not be able to reset this back to draft and thus might not be able to delete/remove the product. This is because you will mess with the accounting process.

Subject: Can't install the sale_stock module
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 10:42:31 +0000

I would like to install the sale_stock module when this error occurs:
Integrity Error

The operation cannot be completed, probably due to the following:
- deletion: you may be trying to delete a record while other records still reference it
- creation/update: a mandatory field is not correctly set

[object with reference: Warehouse - stock.warehouse]

Any help please!

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