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Re: Update BoM after an MO is completed? (v8)

Bohdan Lisnenko
- 22/09/2015 05:39:07
Hi, Jordi!

You just described powerful way of managing unique manufacturing.
We face same problems in construction business, where each contract is unique and can't be describe in static BOM beforehand.
Everything is changing in process, so we should track demand and expenses in real time.

Are Resource Plan and dependencies supported in Odoo 8?
Is there plans to port them to 9?


2015-09-22 12:17 GMT+03:00 adlibitom pop <>:
Hi all
If I remember correctly, in the automobile industry, a car has its BOM (and sub BOMs) and these are updated only when a major change is needed.
The follow-up of actual versus planned in terms of costing is done thru the use of Standard costs (material and time); then the variances are analysed and explained. Leading to changes into the BOM if absolutely necessary.
Michel Guénard

Le 22/09/2015 10:52, Eva Pinter @ xpansa a écrit :
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Great idea to have the resource plan and to create the MO at the end. The main issue with changing the BOM systematically afterwards is to have the whole material flows not under control and not be able to procure for the follow-up manufacturing orders, due to totally inaccurate stock.

Of course, the system should also allow to make corrections to the really used materials in order to be able to make a comparison between plan cost and real cost. But best practice is to produce by operations and to have the correction at each operation before you start the operation or just before you report the time used for the operation (meaning at the end of the operation as you should know what was used then).


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On 21 Sep 2015, at 23:38, Ray Carnes <> wrote:

Odoo v8:


In the case where Bills of Materials are ‘preliminary’ lists of components, and the ‘final’ list is only known once the first item is made, there is a requirement to update the BoM at the end of the first MO, and subsequently if there are BoM updates. 


A BoM update would also supports the correct product cost, so that when updated (BoM Cost), it includes the components actually used in the MO, in addition to those specified on the BoM as it was before work began on the MO.


With Odoo-MRP’s custom module I can get additional components to be added to the Bom (and with a customization, costed via Analytic Accounting).


Next I want to try to get the additional items moved out of WIP.

What about having the BoM get updated at the end of the process?  Has anyone done something similar?

Thanks in advance.


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