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Re: Announncing FlectraHQ - Odoo Fork

Elico Corporation, Eric Caudal
- 02/04/2017 19:34:50

We had Donald, we have Marine and now we have Andreas...

Eric Caudal
On 04/02/2017 11:40 PM, Andreas Becker wrote:
The reason might be a very simple one.

They want to work FAST and make REAL changes without always waiting for answers by - so they fork (like others do too - to create their own working surrounding. The benefit for all will be that the community would get back a system it has helped to build up and it could contribute to it even might go another way.

Since years Odoo community is getting less and less functionality in comparison to Odoo 8 which was the last complete version. Also here a Fork of the base can definitely HELP to keep the community in service and in their jobs.

OCA is nice but can't hold up with the changes of Odoo as I guess they don't even know what gets changed next.

With the fork the roadmap is transparent and everyone knows where the red line is and what the goals are like in any other free open source software development where community contribution is still appreciated and not only a way to fill own pockets ;-)

The answer when Odoo will now definitely move to Python 3 is still unanswered. That fork could start with Python 3 and could even focus on integrating all stuff which was still available in 8 but is missing now in 10 and even more perhaps in 11. 

As they wrote they will change the code to make it cleaner which is good. This would also help to get a clear upgrade path. 

The efforts of OCA and the forks is very different. Until now OCA focussed on cooperation and telling even they won't do anything if agpl code gets used in current odoo versions and commercial versions etc. With the fork this will be very different as also OCA modules will get forked and further developped under their licenses and for sure those modifications will no more be available under OCA or any other entity which will allow to abuse or tolerate GPL licenses for commercial software etc.

In other words with forks freedom could come back to the "renamed" Odoo universe.

By they way those who fork already know how to rerewrite the code back to where it belongs to so that also features currently not being available in Odoo community will hopefully be available soon than in the Forks.

Overall I think there is much more benefit in those forks then waiting that there will be a change and faster development in OCA. It is simply not done by changing only the version number and make optically all OCA modules look as if they already work in Version 10 and soon Version 11.

I could even imagine that those who fork will get additional support from investors who believe in Open Source Software while OCA won't get that due to the fact that they have a (we don't sue you) agreement with

And there are multiple more reasons which are not at all waste of time, but instead perhaps even a huge gain in time for the future "renamed"ODOO which is powerful as Enterprise or even much much better, cleaner, faster and most of all provides an upgrade path from version to version or even is released in continuous development and hopefully is already written in Python 3.

I would take what Dominique wrote seriously and really post suggestions to them and contribute and challenge them so you can find out much more about this fork and for sure you will meet people who have also running forks already as they don't want to waste anymore time with waiting for answers from Odoo and of course don't want to start overor crash their sites with any new update.

I assume that Odoo 11 is not much more than a modified 10 with NO upgradepath and new crashes and investments in trying to get old sites up and running again and of course it will not be in Python 3 - nor perhaps even version 12 or 13 or ????

So why waiting any longer. simply live with both worlds and keep longterm up with the one where you can get more business for yourself up and running and not only for!

Have a nice evening 

On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 10:10 PM, <> wrote:
On 02.04.2017 16:30, Ana Juaristi wrote:
> Why to waste time working in paralell when same effort could be done to 
> improve Odoo Community version on Github or collaborating with the OCA.
> It's totally incongruent and I can't understand this focus. Anyone could 
> explain to me clearly the reasons to be happy and not upset about this?
i totaly agree with you

what I think should be done is having an "expermiental fork" on OCA on which new 
concepts could be implemented and tested out.

It should be mandatory for every thing put in such a fork that:

- what new concept is put there should be well documented (reason behind it, how 
it is implemented)

- scripts to implement the new concepts on top of a freshly forked V10/11 .. so 
that it is always  repeatable and using the

   "forked version" does not leave you abandoned"

- tests, tests, tests


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