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Re: New module, cancel waiting move

initOS GmbH, Torsten Francke
- 01/01/2015 05:26:38

Changing manuell is not a solution.

This is a greate example why "big data" and in-memory db will change the game.

The reason why SAP cann't do this is becouse SAP is not a single system. They have many of them one for order, one for production, sale ... So it is impossible in the past to know the current stock to face it for routing production in real time.
All single erp system implement almost industrie standard (or try to copy sap) and did not use his advantage to the end.

So know if you have inmemory database will all data of warehouse and production you can decide in real time. That is the reason why SAP Hana is there and is the future.

So if Odoo needs inmemory database depends how big your installation will be.

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Am 31. Dezember 2014 19:48:19 MEZ, schrieb Eva Pinter <>:


This problem is in all ERPs, even in SAP. But due to the route management in Odoo, the problem can be easily solved. You just have to define multiple possible routes in the product and have the user click on the product after having entered it. The on-hand quantity will be shown in the product screen. If you see a quantity available, then you can change the route and it will not purchase any product.


Eva P.

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On 31 Dec 2014, at 17:32, OpenERP Master <> wrote:


These modules help, but I have yet another problem. A problem that exists also in Netsuite ERP. Problem regarding Make to Order.

We doesn't stock item. It's always ordered.
Each time a customer orders it, a PO is created for the item.

STOP. For most of the time, this process works.

Sometimes, we get this product returned, do a one time PO order, have it transferred, whatever.
The system always orders it, but they already have it in stock for an exception reason.

The business process is that they would obviously ship what the have in stock, but from a technical perspective this isn't possible because the on hand stock isn't considered. I have worked with many companies that all share this same exception problem, and the software doesn't support it.

From a business perspective the customer says "If I have it in stock, I want to send it, it doesn't make sense to order it when I already have it"

Im sure both sides would argue either way, but I agree with the business point of view.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 5:48 AM, John Pia Jr <> wrote:


Thses are great! I will be installing them today!!!


On Dec 31, 2014 12:58 AM, "OpenERP Master" <> wrote:

On a couple of other posts I talked about the trouble with make to order items and them getting stuck forever if you force or cancel availability. I solved that in this module:

I also create another module today. This module will cancel a move waiting another operation and automatical ly attempt to assign inventory in your warehouse. Find it here:

For my client, they special order over 50% of product from their supplier because they do not stock it. They have several retail locations, and often they have this product in one of those locations already. In these situations they would transfer the product from warehouse to warehouse and not order it from the supplier at all. For them the default functionality is broken and non working because there is no way to cancel a move waiting, and if you force, then cancel, its stuck forever. This module addresses all of this.

Unrelated, I also created anther module that will automatically check availability when you confirm a sales order. By default, this d oes not happen (Mistake IMO)

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