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Analytic on annual invoice and monthly payments

- 22/03/2017 04:19:43


I've got some annual invoices with monthly payments. How can I deal with this for my analytic accounts ? 

My analytic account are about missions and I didn't install the project management which I think I don't need. 

Usually a mission take one or two months. 

Say the invoice is for electricity 1200/year, 100/month, partial reconcile each month.

I can't make the invoice several lines (one per mission) as in January I don't know how many missions I will deal with.

I can't set an analytic account on a payment.

If I validate the invoice and reconcile it with it's bank statement line, the moves are generated but as they're reconciled I can't modify the move to set an analytic account.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help