Odoo and Outlook integration (e-mail + calendar). Best way?

Maxime Deuse


I have been using the messaging tab of OpenERP 7 for some time. Still, I feel it's lacking (you can't print e-mails, nor cc someone), I would rather use Outlook. How can I integrate Outlook correctly with OpenERP? In the mean time I want to integrate with Outlook's calendar too. 

I would like to be able to continue sending e-mail and planning meetings with outlook and be able to attach e-mails directly to an opportunity. 

I am in a bind, I read the docs about the Outlook connector and I was under the impression it was only a one way integration. From outlook to openerp. But then my calendar with my meetings wouldn't work properly would it?

What is my best option to go forward?

Thanks for your suggestions!



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Maxime Deuse
Best Answer

What I decided to do finally is the following. I removed my e-mails from OpenERP, after working some time with it I found out the e-mail client of OpenERP was seriously lacking.

  1. To get my synching done with outlook I connected my google apps e-mail adresses directly to Outlook.
  2. I set up my OpenERP calendars to synch with google apps. And I synched google calendar with Outlook.
  3. I defined the mailto links in my browers to open up Outlook. Which means that when I go to clients in OpenERP and I press on an e-mail adress of a client an Outlook windows opens up, ready for me to send a message.

This is the best solution I found to manage your e-mails and calendar with OpenERP. The integration with OpenERP is very basic, I can't link an e-mail to an opportunity/clients but it's simple and it works, so I guess it's fine. The methodology I used can also be applied for thunderbird.


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Hi Maxime. Good that you found a way to stop to use the OpenERP email. Just one question: Did you rewrite the python code in order use the mailto function? Thank you ! Selverine