Customize the Product Information Form based on Product's Category and User's Team

I have trouble setting the product for a specific category. (I.e. profiles). Initially i was thinking about variants, but i believe it is somehow a complicated version.

So, this category of product have different attributes that leads to a specific weight / uom (square meter/liniar meter)


1. Type of profile ( sheet, pipe, bar, corner) - each with a specific formula for weight calculation

2. Material ( Stainless steel, Aluminium ,etc) with specific density

3. Finish ( mat, satin, etc)

4. Attribute one for weight calculation (eg.. thickness)

5. Attribute two for wieght calculation (eg. width)

6. Attribute three (if required) for weight calculation (eg. length)

a. The product name will be generated something like TYPE_PROFILE MATERIAL FINISH ATT_ONE ATT_TWO ATT_THREE

b. The product uom base will be obtained by profile's uom (eg.kilos)

c. A Secondary uom should be obtained by profile's uom (eg. sheets)

Do you have some recommendations to implement such feature?