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Stephen Mack

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--Stephen Mack--

Some people call me a karma whore, I only ask for 10 points if you like my answer and 15 if I happen to get it correct.

Stephen Mack
30/09/14 15.04

UPDATE (21 MAY 2015): Odoo is transitioning the translations away from LaunchPad to Transifex (Announcement)

UPDATE (20 FEB 2015):  I have had so little feedback that I have decided to stop updating this thread.

The translation work is ongoing and anyone can help.  Below is a report that I made from Launchpad on all the languages available for Odoo with direct links to each.  The translations are broken up into three parts: Server, Website and Addons.

To get started helping translate for your language, first read the guide on translating then join the translation team for your language by using the join link associated with your language, then you can click on the percentage link for each of the three parts and start translating!  Updates are reviewed for quality by the team responsible for each language and then migrated to the odoo distribution on GitHub about once a week.  Also see the odoo translation wiki for more details.

If you would like to follow the progress of the language translation project click the star under the question voting block above and also subscribe to this thread on the right ===>

Update: 9-February-2015

Languages that are 100% complete: None

Phrases left to translate for language with less than 10% untranslated:

  • Spanish      26 Phrases
  • Dutch          77 Phrases
  • German 1,638 Phrases

The following languages are more than 60% complete:
Dutch(99%), German(92%), Hungarian(78%), Italian(61%),
Macedonian(83%), Polish(75%), Portuguese(86%), Portuguese (Brazilian)(75%),
Romanian(70%), Spanish(99%), Turkish(82%)

Since 30-September-2014, the following languages have made the most progress:
Macedonian(31.0%), Hungarian(20.1%), Turkish(18.4%), Persian(14.9%),
Greek(11.8%), Latvian(11.0%), Romanian(7.8%), Italian(6.9%), Portuguese(6.8%),
Lithuanian(6.1%), Dutch(4.4%), French(3.4%), German(3.1%), Bulgarian(2.1%)

Languages that have had active translation work done in the last week:

  • Not available.

                             (Percent of Translation Completed)
ODOO v8 Languages Files     Complete      Server Website  Addons Team
Abkhazian                    0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Afrikaans                    0.8%    0.8%    0.5%  Join
Albanian                     0.0%    0.0%    0.5%  Join
Amharic                      2.7%    0.0%    2.7%  Join
Arabic                      40.9%   90.7%   39.3%  Join
Armenian                    11.9%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Aymara                       0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Basque                       0.1%    3.4%    1.1%  Join
Bengali                      0.3%   38.3%    0.4%  Join
Bosnian                     65.0%   90.5%   35.4%  Join
Bulgarian                   45.2%   46.0%   24.2%  Join
Catalan                     43.9%    2.2%   29.5%  Join
Chinese (Hong Kong)         11.0%    0.0%    0.4%  Join
Chinese (Simplified)        70.9%   99.0%   56.5%  Join
Chinese (Traditional)       54.8%   60.5%   27.2%  Join
Croatian                    61.3%   75.7%   49.7%  Join
Czech                       73.8%   88.9%   33.7%  Join
Danish                      19.0%   83.0%   19.6%  Join
Dutch                       97.2%  100.0%  100.0%  Join
Dutch (Belgium)              0.9%   63.6%   20.2%  Join
English (Australia)          0.0%   76.3%    0.0%  Join
English (United Kingdom)    50.8%   97.0%   15.9%  Join
Estonian                    41.0%   55.7%   14.3%  Join
Finnish                     71.3%   82.8%   40.9%  Join
French                      72.3%   92.9%   57.1%  Join
French (Canada)              2.2%    2.2%    3.8%  Join
Galician                    46.2%   38.5%   15.8%  Join
Georgian                    47.2%   38.5%    0.0%  Join
German                      94.3%   99.6%   91.6%  Join
Greek                       78.7%   77.9%   24.2%  Join
Gujarati                    14.5%   16.4%    2.8%  Join
Hebrew                      45.1%   71.7%   13.9%  Join
Hindi                        0.3%   10.3%    1.3%  Join
Hungarian                  100.0%  100.0%   79.9%  Join
Icelandic                   12.1%    0.0%    0.2%  Join
Indonesian                   3.5%   12.1%   10.7%  Join
Italian                     63.0%   77.5%   60.8%  Join
Japanese                    61.5%   53.8%   43.9%  Join
Kazakh                      17.2%    0.0%    0.2%  Join
Korean                      70.2%  100.0%   24.2%  Join
Lao                          0.0%    1.6%    0.6%  Join
Latvian                     42.0%   15.0%   35.5%  Join
Lithuanian                  25.8%   79.8%   30.4%  Join
Macedonian                  57.2%   82.8%   85.7%  Join
Malagasy                     0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Mapudungun                   0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Mongolian                   72.8%   88.3%   57.0%  Join
Norwegian Bokmal            65.8%   91.1%   30.1%  Join
Persian                     48.9%   54.9%   16.1%  Join
Persian (Dari)               0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Polish                      73.3%  100.0%   75.4%  Join
Portuguese                  67.5%   96.8%   87.6%  Join
Portuguese (Brazilian)      79.1%   96.8%   73.8%  Join
Quechua                      0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Romanian                    80.4%   96.8%   69.6%  Join
Russian                     71.8%   93.9%   42.7%  Join
Serbian                     37.6%    0.0%   14.9%  Join
Serbian Latin               55.9%   38.7%   17.3%  Join
Slovak                      40.8%    0.0%    4.3%  Join
Slovenian                   79.0%   83.0%   56.2%  Join
Spanish                     99.1%   99.0%   99.6%  Join
Spanish (Argentina)         42.1%   75.7%   28.3%  Join
Spanish (Bolivia)            0.4%    0.0%    0.2%  Join
Spanish (Chile)             42.4%   14.8%    5.8%  Join
Spanish (Costa Rica)        57.0%   37.7%   39.8%  Join
Spanish (Dominican Rep.)    70.5%   56.1%    0.1%  Join
Spanish (Ecuador)           56.9%   80.4%   21.5%  Join
Spanish (Honduras)           0.0%    0.0%    0.2%  Join
Spanish (Mexico)             1.0%   75.7%    6.6%  Join
Spanish (Panama)             0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Spanish (Paraguay)           0.0%    0.0%   13.9%  Join
Spanish (Peru)               2.0%    0.0%    0.1%  Join
Spanish (Spain)              0.0%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Spanish (Venezuela)          2.3%    0.0%    0.1%  Join
Swedish                     45.1%   78.5%   41.3%  Join
Tamil                        0.0%    0.0%    0.1%  Join
Thai                        40.2%   81.6%    9.3%  Join
Turkish                     77.9%   99.0%   82.8%  Join
Ukrainian                   29.7%    0.0%    5.4%  Join
Urdu                         0.2%    0.0%    0.0%  Join
Vietnamese                  46.8%    8.1%   13.0%  Join

Yenthe Van Ginneken
01/10/14 03.29

Another very easy link where you can view the development live and see it in graphics is here: https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject-addons/8.0/

Stephen Mack
01/10/14 06.11

True but it does not show all the languages, unfortunately. You have to dig to find out that variants of some languages exist. Chilean Spanish is not listed for example. But thanks for your comment.

Stephen Mack
06/10/14 09.57

Italian (+5.2%), German (+2.0%), Hungarian (+1.6%) were the top three languages with the most translations this week. Spanish becomes the first language to be 100% translated with Dutch (95.4%), German (92.4%) close behind. Please consider helping finish your language pack.

Stephen Mack
13/10/14 07.40

Top three languages this week were: Turkish (+6.4%), Romanian (+3.6%), and Hungarian (+2.3%). I also added direct links to each language so that you can join the language team and start participating.

Stephen Mack
20/10/14 08.45

Macedonian (14.3%), Romanian (2.7%), Portuguese (2.5%) are this weeks top three languages. We have also seen a new translation start this week: Spanish (Honduras) - Best Wises to them.

Stephen Mack
27/10/14 08.17

The top three languages this week were: Latvian (11.8%), Macedonian (10.9%), and Dutch (3.5%). The Dutch language is only 1% uncompleted leaving only 220 more items to be translated.

Yenthe Van Ginneken
27/10/14 11.22

I've actually just finished the Dutch translations for Odoo V8! As you can see here: https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject-addons/8.0/+lang/nl Second language to reach 100%!

Stephen Mack
27/10/14 12.44

Congratulations, however you finished the add-ons. There are still 200+ translations left in the server: https://translations.launchpad.net/openobject-server/8.0/+lang/nl/+index?batch=300

Stephen Mack
03/11/14 00.45

Greek (3.9%), Macedonian (2.3%) and Hungarian (2.1%) were this weeks top three languages. The Dutch language still needs 174 more phrases translated to make it to 100%.

Stephen Mack
10/11/14 11.16

The top three languages this week were; Macedonian (3.2%), Greek (2.7%), Hungarian (1.3%). There was no advancement in the Dutch language, still need 174 more phrases to complete the translation.

Stephen Mack
17/11/14 13.15

Hungarian (2.2%), Portuguese (1.7%), Turkish (1.4%) were this weeks top three languages. The dutch language is down to 158 more phrases until they reach 100% complete.

Stephen Mack
27/11/14 16.04

The top three languages this week were: Turkish (2.5%), Bulgarian (1.7%) and Hungarian (1.6%). The Dutch have less than 100 phrases to complete, you can do it!

Stephen Mack
02/12/14 05.31

Turkish (1.9%), Hungarian (1.6%) & French (1.3%) were this weeks top three languages. The Dutch language is stalled at 99 more phrases to be translated.

Stephen Mack
08/12/14 08.50

This week the top three languages are the only three languages with advancement: Greek (2.6%), Hungarian (0.9%) and Turkish (0.8%)

Stephen Mack
15/12/14 07.38

Another week of slim pickings. The only three translations were Hungarian (1.5%), Finnish (0.2%) and Romanian (0.1%).

Stephen Mack
22/12/14 08.57

This week had only two languages with updates: Persian (0.9%) and Hungarian (0.2%).

Stephen Mack
30/12/14 22.47

Congratulations go to the Persian with a 14.0% increase in their project this week. Second was French with 0.9% and Dutch with 0.2%. The Dutch team only has 66 more phrases to complete.

Stephen Mack
06/01/15 08.23

Our New Years revolutionists were: Persian 1.0%, Afrikaans 0.2%, Hungarian 0.2% and Arabic 0.1%.

Stephen Mack
13/01/15 04.36

This week the top three languages were: Hungarian (1.4%), French (0.6%), and Romanian (0.1%). The Dutch language still only has 66 phrases left to translate... will it ever be finished?

Yenthe Van Ginneken
13/01/15 04.40

Ofcourse Dutch will be finished! I'll translate them soon.. they annoy me. ;D

Stephen Mack
19/01/15 19.54

French (0.2%), Hungarian (0.2%) and Romanian (0.2%) were this weeks top three languages. French is finally 60% translated and the Dutch translation made no movement to completion.

Stephen Mack
23/01/15 09.02

Odoo has refreshed their .pot files with some spelling mistakes and corrections. There are now an additional 250 phrases to be translated.

Yenthe Van Ginneken
23/01/15 09.09

Actually they did not refresh the spelling mistakes and corrections. There where additional fields added that weren't available for translations yet and some translations have never worked in Odoo. All these new phrases to translate are new fields are fields they forgot to make available for translations in previous versions.

Stephen Mack
26/01/15 04.43

This week a little over 1% of the translations either changed or new phrases were added to the system. Due to the way I calculate percent change from week to week, I am unable to report on my statistics. The above report reflects the new reality of the language files and as of today, no language is 100% complete.

Stephen Mack
02/02/15 15.52

Some real progress was made this week. Lithuanian (2.4%), German (0.9%) and Spanish (0.8%) were the top three.

Stephen Mack
09/02/15 18.05

First does this thread benefit anyone or am I wasting my time...? This week we had some surprising advancements with new languages: Swedish (0.4%), Hebrew (0.3%) and Icelandic (0.3%). Languages with less than 10% to complete are: Spanish (26 Phrases), Dutch (77 Phrases) and German (1,638 Phrases)

Stephen Mack
25/05/15 10.23

UPDATE (21 MAY 2015): Odoo is transitioning the translations away from LaunchPad to Transifex. https://www.odoo.com/groups/community-translators-63/community-translators-12415118

Jean-Marc Dupont
13/10/14 15.46

I can't understand why we cannot use V7 translations as a base (between 80 and 90 % of terms are similar between the 2 versions)

Why is this huge effort completely taken from the beginning each time/version ?

Stephen Mack
13/10/14 16.58

Actually of the Items in French that need to be translated a third of them were never translated in v7. Another third are new terms that didn't exist in v7 and the final third were phrases that have changed. I don't believe that translations start from the zero each time. Cheers!

Yenthe Van Ginneken
21/10/14 10.57

Translations do not completely start from zero though. Currently Odoo translations are managed in Launchpad and Launchpad gives suggestions for translations. If in version 7 a specific term is translated it will show up in the V8 translations too, it only needs to be approved by a moderator. I guess this is a good quality check to keep translations clean and good.

Elmer Padilla
13/10/14 15.40

I want to start the translation for the Spanish of Honduras.

What procedure do you recommend for this task?


Stephen Mack
13/10/14 16.29

I will add all the links to the list above in a few minutes. But know that the Server has 2343 phrases, Web: 503 phrases and addons: 18.837 Phrases. So more than 21,000 phrases to be translated. The one nice feature is that you will be able to see all the phrases translated by the team from Spain to help give you some suggestions.

Stephen Mack
13/10/14 16.31

You will need to create a launchpad account and then request access from the odoo administrators on lauchpad (click the join link) since currently no team exists for Honduras. Best of luck and thanks!

Stephen Mack
13/10/14 16.41

Links added. Suerte!

Ingeniería de Negocios, Elmer Padilla
13/10/14 17.23

Thanks Stephen, The idea is starting from an advanced translation. As you recommended me, a good starting point is the Spain traslation. Thank you!

Stephen Mack
13/10/14 17.33

Sure Elmer, the tool will automatically show you the English original and the current Spanish Translation and then you can enter whatever makes sense para los hondureños.

Ingeniería de Negocios, Elmer Padilla
22/10/14 19.00
Hi Stephen,

I received the message:

Hello Elmer Padilla,

On 2014-10-17 16:37z (7 hours 9 minutes ago), you uploaded 25
Spanish (Honduras) (es_HN) translations for account in Odoo Addons 8.0 in Launchpad.

This mail is to notify you that all translations have now been

Thank you,

The Launchpad team

Moreover, in the translation wiki mentioned that these are imported to GitHub in a few weeks. 

Even I do not see these changes reflected on GitHub. What I can do to  have these changes as soon as possible ?

Thanks, regards!

2014-10-13 15:33 GMT-06:00 Stephen Mack <smack815@gmail.com>:

Sure Elmer, the tool will automatically show you the English original and the current Spanish Translation and then you can enter whatever makes sense para los hondureños.

(I'm not an odoo employee just playing around with the signature feature)

Sent by OpenERP S.A. using Odoo about Forum Post False

Stephen Mack
22/10/14 20.53

Elmer, you do not have to wait for odoo. Just down load the files from launchpad and use them on your server.

Frank Schellenberg
13/11/14 06.41

I am finding stuff that is translated but not showing up, no matter wat language I try.
Thus showing 100% translated but in reality this is not the case.

For instance when you go to Graph view (Accounting > PieChart view) you will have a drop down (Measures) everything in that dropdown stays in English. (try the 100% translated Spanish...)

The same for the Favourite Filter By Salesperson for instance.

I cannot seem to find the right location to get the translation loaded. Anyone any idea?


Stephen Mack
13/11/14 07.19

This is technically not an answer to the proposed question and should be it's own question so people can find it by searching. But to try to answer your question, odoo v8 has had some bugs in the translation and still has some issues to be resolved. Read this github issue: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/1755 You may want to try the latest nightly build of odoo.

Frank Schellenberg
13/11/14 08.02

Hi Stephen, Knowing the answer now, I see it is not part of the original "Question". I thought I might be missing something in the Translation files. Thanks for the quick reply!

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