Odoo Experience 2016

How to create custom accounting reports

  • Séverine Delhove (sde)
  • 05/10/2016 12:30
  • Developers / Hocaille (-1)

Discover steps by steps how to create a custom accounting report to fit your country accounting needs. In this talk, we will show explain you advantages and specificities of accounting reports. How much it is flexible. ...

Runbot dockerized with travis2docker

  • 05/10/2016 12:00
  • Developers / Hocaille (-1)

The benefits of using docker in CI similar to travis. - Debugging errors hard to hunt. - Auto-installation of packages re-using MQT. What will be presented? - Generation of isolated environments - Reproduce errors what in local is not present - Introduction to MQT scripts to generate instances - Introduction to travis2docker The structure will be as follow: - Description of Docker and MQT scripts. - Introduction to travis2docker and travis CI. - Benefits of dockerized runbot....

State of the Odoo JS framework

  • 05/10/2016 14:00
  • Developers / Foyer du Lac

In this talk, I will discuss the history of the Odoo web client, explain what has been done in the last few years and maybe give a glimpse of the future. The talk may discuss these points, but are subject to change: history of web client overall design (web client/action manager/views/widgets/... Odoo JS modules extensibility/modularity: the strength (and weakness) of Oodoo new architecture for the odoo views designing a widget/client action/view from scratch Obviously, this is probably a techn...

Extreme programming with Odoo, and how not to die trying.

  • Importaciones y Equipos Imeqmo, S.A.
  • 05/10/2016 14:30
  • Developers / Hocaille (-1)

One of the biggest problems with the on-premise deployment with Odoo is the fact that a very simple change in your codebase. A new module or even an Update in Odoo can create huge Issues, even stop your operations. In this talk we will try to demonstrate how it is possible to reduce unexpected stops using the proper tools and increase your trust in the code changes done by any of your team members. To this, you add the fact that you can hire low and high experienced developers, you can learn how...

IOT with Odoo

  • 05/10/2016 17:00
  • Developers / Hocaille (-1)

IOT is impacting important enterprises, especially in their real time analytics, automation and ease of making business. Therefore, IOT supported ERP is going to be a big demand. Odoo's core is in Python and all IOT platforms and censors are very much supporting Python. This is where Odoo can play a big role. This talk will be divided in 4 parts: a) Role of IOT b) Integration with Odoo c) Some real code demo d) Similar other emerging dimensions for ERP : ibeacon /VR/ AR ...

Security: 10 rules for safer code

  • Olivier Dony (odo)
  • 06/10/2016 11:00
  • Developers / Foyer du Lac

In this talk, we will cover the top 10 development mistakes that lead to security issues. Olivier Dony will go through all the security issues we have had over the past 3 years and give tips on how to avoid the traps for a safer code. *Here is an example of the firsts 3 rules (click to download the PDF):* None [1] * * None [2] [1] https://www.odoo.com/web/content/2585491?unique=6f9b26b53550f432e85f6a1a1104e34d9ccb5a34&download=true [2] /web/content/2585491?unique=6f9b26b53550f432e85f...

Monitor your Odoo Deployment

  • Nicolas Seinlet (nse)
  • 06/10/2016 14:00
  • Developers / Hocaille (-1)

Use Munin to monitor some layers of the odoo deployment: - nginx - postgreSQL - odoo itself ...

Odoo Webhook : A user-defined HTTP callbacks

  • 06/10/2016 14:30
  • Discovery / Foyer Royal

Webhooks are user-defined callbacks over HTTP. They are intended to allow web applications to become more extensible, customizable and ultimately more useful. Many web applications only have a request-based output mechanism: web APIs. They lack an event-based output mechanism, and this is the role of webhooks. Using webhook can greatly reduce the amount of API calls made. Odoo Webhook is a useful tool for apps that want to execute code after a specific event happens on an Odoo database. You can,...

How to Import Large/Complex data into odoo

  • Thibault François (tfr)
  • 06/10/2016 16:30
  • Developers / Hocaille (-1)

The target audience: expert, developers The version covered: Odoo 8 and above What will people learn from this talk? How to manage a migration of data from a legacy system into Odoo What should you expect from your presentation? Reminder of how data import works in Odoo Dos and don’ts A methodology to tackle the import of large data Presentation of a tools to speed up the import Presentation of a framework to easily transform data in python and generate proper csv file for Odoo Small Demo ...

Odoo With Web-RTC Ingenious Way.

  • 07/10/2016 11:00
  • Developers / Foyer du Lac

Targeted audience Expert Developers Version of Odoo V9 community Expectation: Introduction to WEB-RTC and how can we use web-rtc into Odoo. How can we use different features of web-rtc and integrate it with Odoo. Structure of the talk will be Presentation and live demonstration. ...