Acquiring and Onboarding Successful Odoo Talents

This talk will cover the best practices around finding, recruiting, onboarding, and ramping up sales professionals and consultants in an Odoo business unit.

Finding the right talents and growing a team are often challenges that Odoo integrators and partners have a hard time overcoming. Here we will address important lessons in order to make this process as efficient as possible and ultimately industrialize the creation of a kick-ass team.

  • Recruitment:

    • Sourcing candidates

    • Conducting interviews and evaluating what matters

    • Calling references

    • The recruiter's funnel

  • Onboarding (first 2 weeks):

    • Presentations

    • Training

  • Ramp-up to productivity (5 to 9 months):

    • Set up your employees for success

    • Relevant metrics and KPIs

    • Pipeline reviews