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4040 S 300 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
United States
We take pride in manufacturing locally,  in creating jobs in our community and having better quality than imported cases. It is also our goal to build in the near future our main US production unit in Austin, TX.
This is our strategy. We believe that in the consumer electronics industry, after 150 years and 3 consecutive industrial revolutions translating into productivity gains and lower costs,  but each time, marginally lower than the previous one, a 4th industrial revolution is underway. We have already entered this new era, where frustrated customers are looking for reactivity, speed, therefore proximity of production sites first, where they require smaller volumes, yet in many different flavors, therefore valuing agility and flexibility. The new generation of shoppers do not identify with brands anymore, they want brands to identify with them. This requires to address a large number of different tastes, cultures, social groups and  each time a different flavor of product. This agility, this flexibility is what makes LaFab so unique. To do so, we rely heavily on the newest industrial automation technology to keep flexibility and speed up, and costs down.
Add that capacity to manufacture short life-cycle products such as cases locally, with a strong industrial partnership in China for all other products with longer life cycles, and you see how LaFab US is really a unique specialist for all smartphone accessories, from cases, to chargers, powerbanks, stereo headsets, bluetooth products, tempered glass car holders and a lot more. Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution! ( )