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Mercurial Minds
Mercurial Minds Science/Technology
MM provides telecom operators with the tools that they need to build stronger relationships with their consumers. From helping them manage their networks, to creating bespoke ecosystems like the largest rural-community engagement network in the world.
Musaji Adam & Sons
Musaji Adam & Sons Science/Technology
Musaji and Sons is composed of dedicated professionals for Chemicals, Laboratory Equipments, Life Science Research and Microbiology products, they have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver affordable solutions and committed to providing superior service to our customers. Science/Technology
Satcomm (Pvt.) Ltd. is establishing a state of the art Metro Area Network in the Mega cities of Karachi, Lahore, which serves as the trade and commerce hubs & Population wise the largest cities of Pakistan. Satcomm has currently deployed a total of 60 Km of 36-core Metro CORE Optical Fiber Backbone network in Karachi and roughly 25Km of 36-core Optical Fiber Backbone network in Lahore, which is operational on Telco-grade Optical Transport Equipment, passing through the entire major residential, commercial Areas of the city, constituting about 60% of the residents of Karachi and Lahore.
Tech Exons
Tech Exons Science/Technology
Check Xperts is a business to business product of Tech Exons Pvt. Ltd introduced for the corporate sector. It is a one stop background screening solution for organizations around the globe. We provide an easy to use platform for verifying educational documents, criminal records and experience check. It is an effective risk management tool that can reduce the chances of bad hiring, resulting in a profitable and safe work environment.

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