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Stad Turnhout
Stad Turnhout Public Administration
Toeristische trekpleisters
Stadt Augsburg
Stadt Augsburg Public Administration
Stadt Augsburg
Die Stadt Augsburg ist mit rund 300.000 Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt im Bundesland Bayern. Der Ballungsraum Augsburg steht bezüglich Bevölkerung und Wirtschaftskraft in Bayern ebenfalls an dritter Stelle und ist Teil der übergeordneten Planungsregion Augsburg, in der etwa 885.000 Menschen leben.
Für die ca. 300 einkaufsberechtigten Abteilungen/Personen der Stadt wurde ein hoch performantes, agiles und in der Usability freundliches ERP-System gesucht und in odoo zzgl. des odoo Partners openfellas gefunden. Die Module Purchase, Sales, E-Commerce und Website sind bei der Stadt im Einsatz. Ein konzipiertes Closed Shop System mit rund 3.000 Lieferanten, Kostenstellenverwaltung, Projektnummernzuordnung, Freitextbestellung, Elektronischer Austausch xml, BME-CAT und diverse Katalogimporte mit 20.000 Produkten/Bildern verschaffen den Mitarbeitern u.a. einen hohen Bedienkomfort.

Swedo (QANDIL)
Swedo (QANDIL) Public Administration
QANDIL was founded in Stockholm, in 1991 as a Swedish not-for-profit, non-governmental humanitarian aid organization. The aims of the organization are to provide humanitarian assistance, promote peace through developmental and rehabilitation projects, support economic and social development, improve human rights, assist in the improvement of local governance structures and improve the lives of vulnerable people, including local communities, internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees, and returnees of all ages and groups. Through this holistic programme, QANDIL aims to provide long-term and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by communities, but also to enhance the capacity of all stakeholders, promoting local resilience as the key strategy for reducing the reliance on the international community. Currently, QANDIL is focused on these activities within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) and has offices in Erbil, Sulaymaniah, Dohuk and Baghdad.
Synapta Srl
Synapta Srl Public Administration
Coniugando ricerca e sviluppo, lavoriamo a progetti innovativi e sviluppiamo software per estrarre, ripulire, collegare e curare i dati. Mettiamo a disposizione la nostra esperienza nel settore per trasformare le informazioni in dati collegati capaci di dialogare semanticamente tra loro, alimentando la rete di conoscenza distribuita sul Web, per riutilizzare a fini di analisi e business intelligence la gran mole di informazioni prodotte nei processi aziendali e rendere più sostenibile la gestione dei dati prodotti.

In particolare, sviluppiamo e manteniamo, il primo motore di ricerca sui contratti stipulati tra la Pubblica Amministrazione italiana e i propri fornitori, che consente ricerche puntuali, Business Intelligence, e analisi di mercato.
Synhera ASBL
Synhera ASBL Public Administration
SynHERA est composé d’ une équipe de 10 personnes dont la mission est d'accompagner les projets de Recherche et d’être des catalyseurs de la recherche au sein des Centres de Recherche associés aux Hautes Écoles.
USteps | خطوات العالمية
USteps | خطوات العالمية Public Administration
شركة متخصصة في إدارة المشاريع والاستشارات الإعلامية وإدارة المحتوى وتحليل البيانات.
من اهم نشاطات الشركة (الرصد والتحليل – التخطيط في إدارة الازمات - الدراسات الاستشارية وصناعة المحتوى - الدعاية والإعلان - تنظيم الفعاليات والمؤتمرات - التدريب الإعلامي - تصميم انفوجرافيك - صناعة الأفلام والرسوم المتحركة)
Ulmer Parkbetriebs-GmbH
Ulmer Parkbetriebs-GmbH Public Administration
Die Ulmer Parkbetriebs GmbH betreibt alle städtischen Parkgaragen in Ulm.
Ville Alençon
Ville Alençon Public Administration
Collectivité territoriale, ville et communauté urbaine.
Wahid Eldin Abdel Ghaffar & Co. Baker Tilly
Wahid Eldin Abdel Ghaffar & Co. Baker Tilly Public Administration
Baker Tilly Wahid Abdel Ghaffar & Co. A leading accountancy and business advisory firm in Egypt, and a member firm in Baker Tilly International, offer a comprehensive range of services on high quality levels. Mr. Wahid Abdel Ghaffar together with a group of partners and expert staff adhere to professional leadership and client service complying with plans and professional ethics.
care services
care services Public Administration
Care services is the leading regional security solutions group serving different sectors like banks, factories, malls and compounds, they provide
different security services like guards ,security equipment’s & money transfer
m21 e.V.
m21 e.V. Public Administration
The marx21 network was founded in 2007 in Frankfurt am Main. We see ourselves as part of the new left and the anti-globalization movement that has begun to break the power of corporations. With our ideas and our commitment, we want to help strengthen the DIE LINKE party and thus build a political alternative to capitalism.
لحقوق للمحاماة والاستشارات القانونية
لحقوق للمحاماة والاستشارات القانونية Public Administration
Alhukok Law Firm For Advocacy & Legal Consultation
Our prospect in (ALHUKOK Law firm) for advocation and law consultancy, the mission of the lawyer is not only to formulate the legal proceedings, the legal contracts and reviewing them, or stating what is agreeable to the law or what is against it, nor just to present advocacy, but it is much bigger than this. One of the most substantial missions and duties of the lawyer is understanding comprehensively the nature of the client’s business. If the client is a contracting company, a trade company, pharmaceutics and medicines or any other type of companies, the attorney must know and understand the nature and the details of the client’s affairs exactly the same as his understanding of the law which governs these acts. Therefore, the lawyer is an advisor to the client from the beginning of the project until its end, not only through pointing out the legal defect, or giving opinion and legal advice but also in gain and loss and through the legal ways to achieve higher profit and showing legal alternatives to avoid and minimize losses in consistency with the nature of the work itself.