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Ejaz Creative Studio
Ejaz Creative Studio IT/Communication
"We are a creative studio that came to life in 2015, ever since then, we are working hard on building creative branding and interior design solutions. Not only that but we also specialize in shortcut, timely and creative solutions.

After-all our name is Ejaz and in Arabic that means “Shortcut”. We guarantee you simple yet best solutions. Our vision is to create brands that able to thrive and enter the international market. Long story short, we want you to be the best."
International Emerging Technology Co.
International Emerging Technology Co. IT/Communication
ETCO enhance and distribute the niche emerging technology capability and utilize this knowledge delivering a focused set of services for clients in various sectors such as entrepreneurship, innovative social responsibility, disruptive technology exploitation, emerging markets, academic consulting & technology transfer and commercialization.
Jebal Akhdar Data Center SAOC (Datamount)
Jebal Akhdar Data Center SAOC (Datamount) IT/Communication
Jebal Akhdar Data Center’s core business focus as Data Center and Enterprise Cloud Services founded in 2018 as an S.A.O.C and officially branded as Datamount. Datamount believes in “Existence Exceeding the Limits'' by enabling customers with digital transformations beyond limits of any known digital world. Datamount, through its continuous innovation and development in infrastructure, technology and human resources, reflects positively on the quality of services offered in terms of their own cloud data maintenance and support.
Oman Tower
Oman Tower IT/Communication
Oman Tower Company was founded in 2018 as a national company to play a vital role in the telecommunications sector in Oman with international strategic partners. OTC is providing the passive infrastructure to the wireless telecommunication service operators and government entities in an open access manner. Oman Tower Company provides various infrastructure solutions such as greenfield towers, rooftops, in-building solutions, and other innovative ideas for the 4th industrial revolution.
Oman Tower Company is determined to build efficient and sustainable infrastructure that will be used by multiple customers, and thereby contribute to the development of the Sultanate’s knowledge society.
iNNOVATEQ IT/Communication
iNNOVATEQ is a spin-off company from PDOs digital transformation program. The company was established to offer Oil & Gas Companies the culmination of two decades of expertise in achieving significant and sustainable business transformation through digital transformation.

At iNNOVATEQ we pride ourselves on coming from a Petroleum Operator background. To us customer focus means fitting our solution to your needs, not the other way round. What we offer our clients is practical asset management solutions, that fit their organization and business drivers; tailored to their assets and staff