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Digital Group Co.
Digital Group Co. IT/Communication
DigitalGroup is a Libyan information and communication technology company based in Tripoli Libya, founded in 1999 by qualified management and engineers, which provides intelligent and integrated solutions.
DG provide services and solution to the market through six major departments:

Telecom Solutions
Information & Technology
Desktop Publishing
Events organizing
Web Services
Vision & Mission:
Our vision is to empower the community in Libya and around the world to enable their business needs through intelligent, professional, and reliable solutions.
Our mission is to provide reliable, high quality products, services, and solutions that meet and exceed our client's expectations, also to share the success of our clients.
Some of our Clients:

Schlumberger Oil & Gas Libya.
Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V Gas Division.
Libyana Mobile Phone.
International Medical Corps “IMC”.
NESR Oil & Gas Company.