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Dawaai Health/Social Welfare
Dawaai is an innovative pharmacy-led healthcare group. Our mission is to provide integrated pharmacy services with Convenience and Quality. We are reinventing the concept of retail pharmacy by taking authentic medicines to patients’ door-step as quickly as possible.
DocMate Instruments
DocMate Instruments Health/Social Welfare
DocMate Instruments is a privately owned medical device company involved in manufacturing of precision crafted surgical & dental instruments.
Lurella Cosmetics Pakistan
Lurella Cosmetics Pakistan Health/Social Welfare
Welcome to Lurella Cosmetics, where style is created. We consider every phase of development from concept to production to be extremely important. Because we attach such importance to each aspect of every cosmetic product, our customers always receive a phenomenal value every time they visit Lurella Cosmetics to buy makeup products online.

Lurella Cosmetics are attractive and beautiful in many distinct ways to ensure that all customers can find the products that appeal to their individual styles. If you choose to buy makeup products online from Lurella Cosmetics, you get makeup and tools that will let you achieve stunning looks. One of the reasons our cosmetics are such fan favorites is that our customers are assured top quality and great value every time they make a purchase from Lurella Cosmetics.

We are serious about maintaining excellent quality standards, and our cosmetics are tested and examined under real-world conditions to ensure those standards are always met. Lurella Cosmetics wants to offer the world more than just a pretty face by buying our makeup products online; we want to make an impact for good by helping to bring different cultures of the world closer to each other.
Mediflex Health/Social Welfare
At Mediflex, we are passionate about designing, manufacturing and selling the world’s best OEM surgical instruments. We are committed to delivering surgical instruments with compelling designs, flawless quality and reliability.