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Al Itkan Company
Al Itkan Company Health/Social Welfare
ALITKAN is the exclusive business partner of SIEMENS Healthineers, VARIAN, IBA, KARLSTORZ, GETINGE, MINDRAY and ENRAF NONIUS in IRAQ. ALITKAN is also an agent of many other medical equipment and devices in Iraq. The experience of many decades combined with daily passion has enabled us to provide specialist healthcare solutions to our clients which not only meet but exceed their expectations, needs and requirements.
Al-SHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau
Al-SHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau Health/Social Welfare
ALSHIFA Scientific Drug Bureau is a leading pharmaceutical distributor that registers, imports, promotes, and sells medicines across Iraq, contributing to the nation’s recovery and development. The bureau has a rich and generous history as it was officially registered at the Ministry of Health in 1998 and has long since served both, the public and private pharmaceutical sectors.
Istishari Medical Laboratory
Istishari Medical Laboratory Health/Social Welfare
Istishari Medical Lab is a subsidiary of ASCO Group Holding, one of the largest laboratories in Iraq. It provides a wide range of tests and analyses in all specialties with precision results including the latest international technologies and a distinguished staff with advanced knowledge and certificates in medical and laboratory occupations.
Istishari Medical Lab is a joint venture with the Ministry of Health and Environment, the Department of Medical and People's Clinics.

Istishari Medical Lab has begun conducting new Covid-19 tests for any individual who wants to travel outside Iraq in addition to workers in foreign companies and private sector institutions, Arabs, and foreigners according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Environment.
al-salem Health/Social Welfare
السالم مجموعة شركات تجارية ومن بينها شركة بيت الدواء
Al salem is a group of company in iraq has a lot of activities in manufacturing ,automobile (BMW) and Medicines distributions ( bait al dawa company)
almesalla Health/Social Welfare
المسلة منظمة غير حكومية مستقلة غير ربحية، مقره الرئيسي في أربيل – عاصمة أقليم كوردستان، والهدف
منه نشر الثقافة، حقوق الإنسان ، ورفع مستوى المشاركة في نصوص الديمقراطية، وبناء السلام ومعالجة الصراعات وثقافة
لاعنف، وتثمين مستوى العمل التطوعي في المجتمع العراقي ككل.