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AA Engineering Trading Co. LLC
AA Engineering Trading Co. LLC Construction
A.A. Engineering and trading is a company specialized in American Boilers and Water Heaters, which excel in their high quality and liability and can even withstand the local climate and water conditions. Our products are one of the most reliable in the market and stand out due to their ecological efficiency and long life.

Owing to our wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated in more than 30 years we are able to provide you with reliable technical service, a quick installation, and ongoing support.

To maintain our performance and achieve the goals we are caring to develop our employees and provide a pleasant work environment while supporting a culture of continual improvement.
Abo Taleb - Tiba
Abo Taleb - Tiba Construction
Abu Talib Taiba Contracting Company aims to become the leading company in the field of contracting sector companies in Egypt.

The company started its work in water and sewage networks,including excavation and filling works,operation and maintenance of water stations networks, road works,and taxis, expanding to integrated buildings and specialized works.

Ahmed Elsallab
Ahmed Elsallab Construction
Ahmed elsallab Company was established in 1912 in Dakahlia Governorate, near Mansoura, to become one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market in the
field of sanitary ware, ceramics, and porcelain. In 1990, Ahmed elsallab’s engineer decided to transfer his works to Cairo by opening an exhibition selling health supplies and tools in Makram Ebeid Street, Nasr City.

Success has continued to expand in providing full sets of products at Maadi Showroom, the exhibition whose impressive success has led to the opening of other exhibitions in strategic locations to serve our customers in Cairo and the provinces.
Al Safa for Engineering and Construction Co.
Al Safa for Engineering and Construction Co. Construction
Al-Safa is a leading company in the Middle East and North Africa, established in 2014
by a qualified staff having experience and specialized in supplying and installing electrical
equipment owing to industry for more than 20 years. Al-Safa is an independent company that
has shown continued strength and success. we provide a "turn key project" for control and
electrical power engineering solutions to a number of major clients across a variety of industry
sectors in Egypt and middle east.
Alione Modern
Alione Modern Construction
Alio one are a leading company in the field f aluminum systems industry with the latest construction and decoration, and from the principle of meeting the growing domestic demand with competitive price and high quality, we have a factory that can cover the market demands and reach the customer’s confidence in providing the best and services at reasonable prices at affordable prices through the most skilled engineers and technicians. We are keen to meet the needs of customers in providing different sizes and options of multiple colors periodically on a continuous basis.
Alshams Construction
AlShams For Contracting & Engineering Works is classified in Egypt as a first class company according to
the Egyptian federation for construction and building contractors.
The company’s performance excellence and efficiency has prevailed in the completion
of hundreds of projects throughout the past 33 years in different construction fields
Berlin Construction
Berlin auto service center 
Mercides Benz
Blade solutions
Blade solutions Construction
We provide end-to-end hardware solutions in terms of network, enterprise storage, blades and servers with the latest technology based on Intel platform, in specific these product lines:

SAN solutions that help drive innovation and create a dynamic, scale-able infrastructure.

Disk Storage Systems that address your growing emphasis on energy efficiencies and ensure performance to meet business demands.

Blade servers that is helping companies in every industry sweep complexity aside by integrating blade servers, storage and networking.
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Construction
شركة بلو سكاي للتطوير العقاري أنشئت من مجموعة من المطورين داخل القاهرة ذو دراية عالية في مجال المقاولات ولهم سابقة أعمال في مناطق عديدة في القاهرة

موقعها في الفسطاط الجديدة بمصر القديمة، أول عاصمة للقاهرة ذات القيمة التاريخية والأثرية العالية

رؤية وهدف الشركة

نهدف دائماً لتقديم أفضل خدمة لعملائنا وتطوير عقاراتنا لتتناسب مع أذواق العملاء المختلفة

رؤيتنا للمستقبل هو أن نتوسع في الشراكة مع أكبر شركات التطوير العقاري لتقديم أفضل خدمة لسوق العقارات في مصر

أحدث الشراكات

تمت الشراكة مع شركة المعادي للتنمية والتعمير في 2021 والمشاركة في المشاريع الآتية

المعادي ڤيو
موقعها على طريق السويس أمام مدينتي على الطريق مباشرة
تتنوع الوحدات السكنية ما بين بنتهاوس، شقق، دوبليكس، فيلات كواترو
الشقق تبدأ مساحتها من 78 م ل 200 م
نسبة المباني 30% - 70% لاندسكيب وخدمات

المعادي ڤالي
موقعها في زهراء المعادي خلف نادي وادي دجلة عند بوابة 10
تحتوي على 41 عمارة
بها كمبوند ڤيلات
المساحات تبدأ من 110 م ل 200 متر

المشاريع الحالية

ميني كومباوند Golden complex
موقعها في مدينة الفسطاط الجديدة بحي مصر القديمة
تطل على نادي الفروسية وبحيرة عين الحياة
تتميز بتصميم داخلي مبتكر وفريد مع تنوع في المساحات وعدد الغرف
تحتوي على مداخل عالية الجودة من الجرانيت الفاخر، بعدد ثلاثة مداخل رئيسية مزودة بعدد 6 مصاعد كهربائية، مع تواجد أمني على مدار الـ 24 ساعة.

جولدن ريزورت
تطل على البحر مباشرة في خليج رأس الحكمة بقرية "الروان" في الساحل الشمالي تحديدًا بالكيلو (79) طريق الإسكندرية مطروح
بها كافة الخدمات.. أمن على مستوى عالي، حمامات سباحة خاصة، ملاعب تنس، كيدز إيريا

جولدن بارك
موقعه على طريق الاسماعلية الصحراوي مباشرة
مشروع متكامل الخدمات ويتميز بموقعه الفريد القريب من المناطق الحيوية بالقاهرة
يتميز بالهدوء والخصوصية وتنوع المساحات والنماذج لتناسب كافة الاحتياجات
يحتوي على العديد من الخدمات.. مركز تجاري، نادي اجتماعي، منطقة أطفال، جيم رياضي، أمن وحراسة، جراجات، مكاتب إدارية

كما تتشرف أسرة بلو سكاي بتقديم خصم 3% على الوحدات للعاملين في معرض إسكان البترول
CEC Concrete
CEC Concrete Construction
“Concrete for Engineering and Contracting C.E.C” was established in 2008 as a modern partner for engineering and construction specialized in mega projects, leveraging the know how and experience of its senior sister company “El Masreya Contracting company” which was established in 1983. 

Centerpoint Egypt
Centerpoint Egypt Construction
Center Point is one of the most innovative and integrated practices in Egypt since 2011, and over the past low decodes the practice has covered a wide range of works in both engineering fields design and construction, from architectural, interior design landscaping & urban planning up to construction supervision by Center Point.
Concrete Plus
Concrete Plus Construction
Established in 1998: Concrete Plus has played a crucial role in the development of major construction projects in our country.

Backed with their extensive previous experience as executives in leading construction companies; Eng. Tarek Youssef and Eng. Hossam Fikry had the vision to build the future.

Their dream is now a reality, With Concrete Plus rapidly growing to become one of the top companies in the field
ETF Construction
We owe our adaptability to our agile, decentralised organisational structure. Our network of local agencies in France and several locations in the various regions where we operate around the world, enable us to take decisions close to our customers.

To meet the needs of our customers and to help expand rail mobility, ETF has structured its business lines in eight complementary areas of expertise.

National rail networks
Overhead contact lines and power supply
Urban rail transport systems
Private and industrial sidings
Railway civil engineering
Railway safety
Railway transport
Rail treatment