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Joyce Krane
Joyce Krane Construction
Joyce Krane experience extends across a wide variety of industries that includes Oil & Gas, Mining, Maritime, Construction (Industrial & Residential) and more recently Renewable Energy (Wind Farms).
Lucian Architectural Lighting
Lucian Architectural Lighting Construction
Lucian Architectural Lighting is a specialist lighting distributor working within the architecture and design industry around Australia.
PCTE Construction
PCTE specialises in the sale and hire of testing equipment for construction materials. That includes field testing equipment (non-destructive testing equipment), for structures as well as metals, Ground Penetrating Radar (Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating), Construction Material Laboratory test equipment as well as geotechnical and structural monitoring sensors. We supply a range of equipment from around the world to offer you a one-stop centre with all of the latest instruments and sensors.
SMS Group Services
SMS Group Services Construction
SMS Group Services has extensive experience in supplying both scaffolding specialists and scaffolding equipment to the Mining, Resources, Oil & Gas, Construction & Commercial sectors.
Urban Republic Pty Ltd
Urban Republic Pty Ltd Construction
Forged in the heart of Melbourne, Urban Republic began its journey reimagining caravans with their innovative, high-quality panels in 2009. After establishing itself as one of the leading players in this niche market, Urban Republic made a definitive move to expand into the residential and commercial market.
Over the years, this homegrown family business has diversified its extensive range of product offerings to include electronics, timber, plywood and a wide selection of exceptionally crafted, high-quality panels directly imported from Europe.