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KEAD Construction
Kead has an extraordinary story as a small shop started just by two parents and now is the leading company in Albania for working tools with more than 25 years of experience, 500 partners, 1500 clients, and more than 12000 products.

They have started in Albania and expanded their operations in Kosovo too by joining the top leading companies of our region.

When we first met they were searching long for a proper ERP and mostly getting references for implementing Navision but they weren't convinced for the product and continued to search for a solution that would fit their mindset: A proper ERP, easy to use, modern, with an all-in-one solution that would make their day to day operations easier. Zero prepared a dedicated demo and since the beginning, they had a positive impact leading us to an agreement.

Now the parents are making space for the new generation and supporting them by embracing new technologies. Ada has a strong leadership sense and it's ready for any kind of challenge so implementing ERP was a step that we wanted to push forward and support the company to move forward. We are very happy to be part of their journey so we can help them to better manage their operation with Odoo and get the company to new heights.