​MobilityPlus: Leading the Green Energy Revolution with Odoo

Company: MobilityPlus
Location: Gent, Belgium
Industry: Energy, Automotive
Partner name: Mainframe Monkey
Odoo Apps implemented: CRM, Sales, Subscriptions, Website, Purchase, Helpdesk, Inventory, Accounting 
Company size: 32
Number of users: 32
Hosting type: On-Premise 


MobilityPlus is the number one Belgian reference for smart charging solutions. As the market for electric cars and charging solutions continues to rapidly grow in Europe, so has MobilityPlus’ business. However, the use of several software systems was preventing their full growth. After realizing it was time for a new software system, the company decided to team up with implementation partner Mainframe Monkey to implement a new ERP solution. Their Odoo solution was deployed over a year and thanks to their new solution, MobilityPlus now has a streamlined and integrated system that enables them to help customers faster and keep track of huge amounts of data.

Key Challenges and Requirements

Now more than ever, electric driving is the most sensible choice. Safe and comfortable on the road, fiscally advantageous and – above all – climate-conscious. The world is in a transitional period switching from fuel to electric and MobilityPlus is one of the companies providing solutions to ease the transition of this new era. MobilityPlus helps you to make smart charging choices: from handy charging cards to renting or purchasing innovative charging stations.

As the demand for electric cars in Europe begins to grow, MobilityPlus has been scaling fast. When the company first began, they were working with a multitude of systems and platforms. However, as the company continued to grow and evolve, their software systems did not. It wasn’t long before the company began facing setbacks. Data was scattered across multiple platforms which resulted in a lot of time being wasted searching for and transferring data. And even when this data was transferred, many of it was not in sync which made integrations difficult. This was forcing the company to keep, pay and maintain multiple systems.

MobilityPlus decided it was time for a change. They wanted a system that would enable them to scale and to do so fast and instead of having separate island systems, they wanted everything to be on one platform. Being based in Belgium, the company had heard of Odoo and on further research found it had more flexibility and features than other competitors on the market. What the company most liked was the atomization and wide range of apps that could support the company now and in the future as they continued to scale.

Solution and Results

In order to ensure they scaled fast, MobilityPlus enlisted the help of Odoo implementation partner, Mainframe Monkey. Working together, the following Odoo apps, along with multiple custom apps and connectors with Teamleader, Exact Online, third party charging platform and Stripe were implemented as part of MobilityPlus’ solution: 

CRM: Lead generation is now made simple – automated leads can be obtained from emails and can be easily imported from external systems. The CRM module is now used to segment possible leads and to help possible customers with charging stations, subscription cards or anything related to smart charging solutions. It is now easier to follow-up on leads and keep track of the overview with hundreds of leads a month.

Sales: All sales made at MobilityPlus are now managed within Odoo. Thanks to the quotation templates – in combination with the audits app - a lot of time is saved as quotations are usually automatically ready within a matter of seconds! This in combination with price agreements for customers means that the process is now faster and easier than ever. Odoo now even automatically generates two quotations at once. One to the employer and one to the employee with a split of the required products and services.

Subscriptions: As with many businesses a good part of the services is related to subscriptions. Every driver of an electric car needs a subscription in order to be able to charge at all public charging stations throughout Belgium (and even Europe!). All of these subscriptions and their data is now managed in Odoo and are synced into Odoo with connectors. The Odoo subscription module, on a monthly basis, automatically generates invoices for these charging card subscriptions, without a single manual action required.

Accounting: With the European market of electric driving ramping up to combat the climate challenges of these days the amount of invoices is growing rapidly too. By using Odoo accounting MobilityPlus handles up to thousands of invoices a month with barely any manual work. Odoo does all the heavy lifting by splitting up and booking all the lines on the right chart of accounts and tax rates. In the past all invoices had to be manually created in a legacy system which then had to be pushed to accounting software in order to book all financial data. By automatically generating and booking the invoices the overhead costs of the accounting team have dropped significantly.

Audits: MobilityPlus has a lot of collaborations with big companies in Belgium that want to electrify their car park. In this process, many of the employees of the company have to go through an audit process handled by MobilityPlus. In the past this process was done manually and through various emails and platforms. This resulted in a time-consuming job which was hard to keep track of. The process didn’t scale and slowed MobilityPlus down a lot. Thanks to a custom audits app, the auditing process is now almost fully automated.

By switching to Odoo, and using custom apps on top of the default Odoo apps, MobilityPlus was able to connect all the external systems into Odoo and manage everything from one central place. This enabled the company to help customers faster, keep track of huge amounts of data and to automate multiple processes which used to take employees several days of work to manage.

Since its initial implementation, MobilityPlus has increased its number of Odoo users from 7 to 32. They’re also growing their workforce hiring on average 2-5 people per month. Previously, this scalability would not have been possible because the company’s old system left them completely stuck. Processes such as completing audits, which was previously done manually in Excel and Google docs, has drastically improved the speed by 70%. Odoo’s scalability, ease of customization and ability to connect with IOT data are just some of the things the company values most about Odoo. For the future, MobilityPlus and implementation partner Mainframe Monkey are looking to develop a multi-website, webshop and portals for their next major milestone.

About MobilityPlus
MobilityPlus is the number one Belgian reference for smart charging solutions. Driving electric is now more than ever a smart choice. Safe and comfortable on the road, fiscally attractive and – mainly – climate conscious. The offer for electric cars and charging solutions is growing every day. MobilityPlus helps you to make smart choices for electric charging: from handy charging passes to innovative charging stations that you can rent or purchase. The result? Charging without any stress, always and everywhere!

About Mainframe Monkey
Every company has its own needs and wishes. Mainframe Monkey is specialized in translating those into an efficient Odoo system that helps you move forward. With over 7 years of Odoo experience on projects across the globe and multiple Odoo awards and certifications, we’re able to find the best solution for your business. 

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