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Good afternoon, My name is Emi [...]

by - 11/01/2016 15:42:04

Good afternoon, My name is Emily Chiem. My company is looking for a new HR software to help organize our employees and their information. We are looking at various different software and want to see which will be most beneficial to us. I am on a time crunch and would late to make a decision by tomorrow on which software I will choose so I am contacting you so that you guys can create a summarization for me that will help me with your software as you all know it better than me. I need to know first about your free service and what they provide under these categories: Hr and onboarding, hr management, business intelligence, organization, documents, mobile, aca compliance, payroll, vacation & PTO, benefits admin, and platform including users and how many people they can manage. the line is before we need to start paying and how much each product is.