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We are a Growing Business enga [...]

by - 03/17/2016 09:15:39

We are a Growing Business engage primarily with Buying and Selling domains. Our Inventory per Company that we manage ranges about 100k - 500k item domains(websites). We are looking for a Cloud Based Accounting Software that will suites are requirements. It’s either that these requirements are readily available in the system or you may customized your Software to suites our below requirements: 1. We are planning to develop some web based API and Application (POS(website), Data Input that we want to integrate with the system. 2. We want to track our Purchases, Sales and Inventory down to the Individual item level. 3. We want an Inventory Module that can be mapped to multiple Inventory Asset Account. Each of our Inventory Item has multiple cost associated with it and we want to see and track it in the Inventory Report. For example, each of our items has a cost for Acquisition Fee, Registration Fee and etc. Although these are considered a part of the Inventory Cost, we want to segregate this into 1) Inventory - Acquisition Fee, 2) Inventory - Registration Fee and show these cost when we generate the Inventory Report 4. We want also to have an Amortization Module that can be tied up in the Inventory Module. We want to amortize the Registration Fee part of the Inventory Cost to its coverage period. We want it to track, monitor and post the monthly amortizations and determine the unamortized balance each month all on a per item level. And when an Item is sold with still un-amortized reg fee, it should automatically and fully amortized the un-amortized part. We are sincerely hoping that these functions can be customized in the Accounting Software. We are looking for a Software Developer that can customized their Accounting Software so that it can suit our above requirements. Hoping for your kind and immediate response. Thank you Reynaldo Gores Sitematrix LLC