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I found something like the top [...]

by - 11/20/2016 14:24:19

I found something like the top five advantages and disadvantages. Do you agree with the following points? Pros in Odoo 1- Odoo is based on python languages, and database is postgreSQL. 2- Search Functionality in Odoo- You can easily search across the screen, you can also create advance search as per your requirement. 3- Odoo helps you with easy and quick directions on what next steps needs to be followed. 4- In Odoo to change in color of user interface which give a sturdy feel to the user while using the software. Also the buttons are plain or you can say simple and screen is not disarranged or cluttered as compared to any other ERP software. 5- In Odoo Modular design with a user-friendly “app-store” interface for non-developers. Means that if a user is not a programmer or developer or do no have any knowledge of coding even then he or she can design and perform his tasks. Five Cons in Odoo 1- Odoo is not very idiomatic. 2- In Odoo XML file gets used for everything. 3- In Odoo inheritance system is painful and The module system can be unreliable. 4- Object Relation Management (ORM) doesn’t follow the ActiveRecord pattern in Odoo. 5- Odoo is very Poor documentation present.