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France - Accounting By Odoo S. [...]

Nicoleta Tristan (ngh)
- 11/18/2016 10:11:13

France - Accounting
By Odoo S.A.

This is the module to manage the accounting chart for France in Odoo.
This module applies to companies based in France mainland. It doesn't apply to companies based in the DOM-TOMs (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, Réunion, Mayotte).

This localisation module creates the VAT taxes of type 'tax included' for purchases (it is notably required when you use the module 'hr_expense'). Beware that these 'tax included' VAT taxes are not managed by the fiscal positions provided by this module (because it is complex to manage both 'tax excluded' and 'tax included' scenarios in fiscal positions).

This localisation module doesn't properly handle the scenario when a France-mainland company sells services to a company based in the DOMs. We could manage it in the fiscal positions, but it would require to differentiate between 'product' VAT taxes and 'service' VAT taxes. We consider that it is too 'heavy' to have this by default in l10n_fr; companies that sell services to DOM-based companies should update the configuration of their taxes and fiscal positions manually.

Credits: Sistheo, Zeekom, CrysaLEAD, Akretion and Camptocamp.