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I registered 3 positions each [...]

by - 04/21/2016 05:07:31

I registered 3 positions each one differently by e-mail registered Definitions of register verb enter or record on an official list or directory. the vessel is registered as Liberian synonyms: record, put on record, enter, file, lodge, write down, put in writing, submit, report, note, log (of an instrument) detect and show (a reading) automatically. the electroscope was too insensitive to register the tiny changes synonyms: indicate, read, record, show, display express or convey (an opinion or emotion). I wish to register an objection synonyms: display, show, express, exhibit, betray, evidence, reveal, manifest, demonstrate, bespeak, evince correspond or cause to correspond exactly in position. they are adjusted until the impressions register See also register, registered mail, registered office, registered letter, not registered, registered nurse, registered post, registered residence, registered trademark, registered owner, registered capital Translations of registered adjective مسجل registered, recorded, on record, listed, on file, patent مقيد restricted, limited, bound, restrictive, tied, registered مضمون guaranteed, secured, ensured, warranted, registered