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Hello Mr Fabien, my name is An [...]

by - 12/15/2015 17:12:37

Hello Mr Fabien, my name is Antonio Mauri and Im one of the members of a young Cuban entrepreneur team developers that since 4 years ago are working building business solutions for cuban bussines like restaurants, travel agency, and some many other using Odoo. We have solid experience working with frontend, backend and we have skills in business process too. So we are interesting to be part of the great family that is Odoo, so im here writing you to ask u if you are interested to test our skill and in a way or other let us join to you. We really love Odoo and we know that it is the best bet to the future of a great part of the world enterprises. Here in cuba its to difficult for us to make a good community of Odoo developers and functional specialist due to we have not the sources to do it. So just ask you in the name of the team that give us an opportunity to work for you. This is my email: Hope you'll write me soon. Greetings