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I accompany you a) in the anal [...]

by - 07/29/2016 05:59:37

I accompany you a) in the analysis and digitalization of your business management procedures and b) in the instrumentalization and the evangelization of your value proposition. My promises? The content of my communications targets the objectives of both recipients and internal & external sponsors. My solutions address the critical success factors in their totality: technology performance, risk, sustainability and costs; market priorities and business strategy; resolution of barriers to the engagement of the employees, customers, partners and management bodies. I accompany you a) in business analysis: business & product requirements analysis and operational, strategic & digital risk mitigation; b) in product management: "Agile" design of software tools & digital services; c) in business development: content creation & communication for lead generation, customer acquisition and retention, publication of solutions. I bring my international experience of startups (Silicon Valley, Be Angels), vendors and integrators of integrated suite of business applications / "ERP" (DBS, Oracle, Odoo) for large companies operating a global or domestic market, SMEs, micro enterprises, startups and scale-ups.