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Odoo 12.0 translation published

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 08/24/2018 09:50:02
Dear translators,

The version 12.0 of Odoo is not yet released but has entered in
stabilisation and testing phase.
To be ready for the official release (that will happen the 4th of
October), we have already published the translations on Transifex!
It is available at

The source term are still subject to changes as we will still adapt them
during our tests and fixes but most of the import changes are there.

If you notice some mistakes, badly phrased content or error, do not
hesitate to report it to us. Create new issues on the terms you find in
Transifex and we will fix them.

You can always send me a message there if you have some questions on the


Martin Trigaux