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Re: translation NL_BE for VAT codes and financial accounts

Peter Langenberg
- 10/28/2014 03:09:47
Step 1 : if possible start with a clean database (avoid uninstalling). + fill in your company name.

It's a piece of cake :-)

PS : Creating new accounts many accountants will happen by the duplicate feature, but this also copies  the translation. This is the collateral damage of the translations, iin the future it would be nicer that the account scheme could also be used in 1 language  because reporting to the Belgium authorities is also done in only one language (dutch of french). 


Peter Langenberg

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2014-10-28 7:37 GMT+01:00 <>:
  Hi Olivier,

thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Below the procedure with the steps to take and the selections to make :

1. if accounting modules are installed: uninstall all accounting modules 
(dutch: boekhouding, boekhouding en financiën) -> all data will be lost !!!
2. install nl_BE as supported language (Flemmish (BE)/ Vlaams (BE) )
3. set nl_BE as default language for the administrator
4. install the module België - Boekhouding (l10n_be)
     select: belgië - boekhouding
     select: PCMN
     accept the other options and finish the installation of the module
5. install the module "Boekhouding en financiën"
6. et voila ... there they are!


Olivier Dony schreef op 27/10/2014 om 12:12:
> On 10/26/2014 10:57 AM, wrote:
> > At the moment, I started using ODOO 8 for a new small company based in
> > the dutch speaking part of Belgium.
> >
> > The NL_be interface translations are very good but the translations for
> > the VAT codes and financial account codes are still in French.
> >
> > So, are these codes and account-names already translated? If so, how can
> > I activate them?
> Yes they are translated, but the procedure to load them is a bit peculiar.
> This is because Charts of Accounts are not usually translated in Odoo
> (otherwise translators would waste a lot of time translating all the chart of
> accounts of the world, while they are only useful in a couple of languages max).
> To install the Dutch translations for the Belgian CoA in Odoo 8, just be sure
> to install the Dutch language (nl_BE) *before* installing your Chart of
> Accounts. Ideally you should install it before installing any App
> (Sales/Purchase/Accounting, etc.)
> Also be sure to change the language of your (admin) user to Dutch.
> I hope this helps,
> Olivier
> PS: In Odoo 7 the procedure was a bit different, you also had to install the
> l10n_multilang module before installing the chart of accounts. In Odoo 8 this
> is done automatically.
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