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Re: translation NL_BE for VAT codes and financial accounts

Olivier Dony (odo)
- 10/27/2014 07:10:52
On 10/26/2014 10:57 AM, wrote:
> At the moment, I started using ODOO 8 for a new small company based in
> the dutch speaking part of Belgium.
> The NL_be interface translations are very good but the translations for
> the VAT codes and financial account codes are still in French.
> So, are these codes and account-names already translated? If so, how can
> I activate them?

Yes they are translated, but the procedure to load them is a bit peculiar.
This is because Charts of Accounts are not usually translated in Odoo 
(otherwise translators would waste a lot of time translating all the chart of 
accounts of the world, while they are only useful in a couple of languages max).

To install the Dutch translations for the Belgian CoA in Odoo 8, just be sure 
to install the Dutch language (nl_BE) *before* installing your Chart of 
Accounts. Ideally you should install it before installing any App 
(Sales/Purchase/Accounting, etc.)

Also be sure to change the language of your (admin) user to Dutch.

I hope this helps,


PS: In Odoo 7 the procedure was a bit different, you also had to install the 
l10n_multilang module before installing the chart of accounts. In Odoo 8 this 
is done automatically.