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Best practise advise for translators

Big Consulting GmbH, Thorsten Vocks
- 08/24/2014 07:19:03

it is very important to know that it helps to copy+paste sometimes existing translations of "old" OpenERP 7.0 installation. I would recommend translators to use a VMWare appliance to do that inside their local network.

To prepare this very helpful "Copy + Paste" feature you only have to do two things to prepare yourself:

1. create a database with your language (f.e. german) and example data. 
It is also described here if you want to use this fresh V7.0 VM appliance.

2. Then install the modules you want to translate. Usually i start to install all the main apps. If you proceed further with other extensions f.e. crm_helpdesk, sale_margin or other extra-addons you have to install the modules you want to translate at first. 

How to use Copy/Paste of existing translations from launchpad perspective:

1. If you may expect a untranslated term as already translated in V7, choose a unique fragment of this original term  (from this example Nr. 10 on this side i choose the term "log the summary" and strg+c) 

2. Then open the following menu in your OpenERP V7.0 database:
For germans it is: Einstellungen / Übersetzungen / Begriffe / Übersetzte Begriffe
In english it's something like this: 
Settings / Translations / Terms / Translated Terms
For sure the exact path depends of your language.

3. In the search box paste your copied fragment or edit a unique word in the search field. Take care of choosing "Quelle" ("Source") as the field you want to search for the term. Then in many cases you may find the entry as already translated in V7.0

4. Then again Copy + Paste the translated term from OpenERP 7.0 -> launchpad field "New translation"

5. Do eventually the minor fix you have to do. (f.e. change OpenERP -> Odoo).

My experience is that we may expect much faster  and more accurate translation,
as the existing translated terms usually was already reviewed in prior versions.

Best regards

Thorsten Vocks

Phone: +49 4471 8409000