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Re: Translations v10

Odoo Experts, Erwin van der Ploeg
- 09/21/2016 02:01:32
Hi Martin,

We did all translations in master and we now see "899 strings to translate" for Dutch in master.

How can it be, that V10 is saying "1891 strings to translate"?

It seems that we are missing translations do in master, or at least i don't understand the difference.

Odoo Experts

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2016-09-20 10:06 GMT+02:00 Martin Trigaux <>:

We have recently published the translations of the version 10 on Transifex.

As the final version is not released yet (next month), the terms of this 
version may still change a bit but without huge additions/changes.

This pre-release phase is a good opportunity to release a translated 
version of Odoo 10. If you had fully translated Odoo 9.0, the version 10 
should be already translated at around 70% due to many common words.

If you start translating the new version now, it is a good opportunity 
to report us the issues in the terms (e.g. the typos, the grammatically 
wrong or unclear sentences,...) so we can correct it now (we avoid 
changing the terms once the version released).

What about the project odoo-master?
The odoo-master project contains the terms of the latest SaaS version. 
Now this project is very close to the odoo-10 project (a couple of month 
of dev of difference) but with the time, the gap will increase as we 
will make new developments for the future version 11. Don't worry about 
"waste" of translations, the terms that are common between projects are 
shared. Translating a new module in odoo-master will benefit the 
translations of the same module in the other versions.

Let me know if you have questions on the process and thank you for your 


Martin Trigaux

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