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Re: Regional languages and Spanish (Latin America) translations

Consultores Codex Tecnología, C.A., Victor Inojosa
- 09/20/2016 12:24:45

Hello Martin.

From Venezuela we want to offer some help for this translation. We are in a process of bringing together as much people as we can around odoo development, so it's a good oportunity to contribute in this project. So, count on us.

We'll wait for more detailed instructions.

El sep 20, 2016 3:58 AM, "Martin Trigaux" <> escribió:

As it was already announced a few months ago, we will not publish 
anymore the regional languages (e.g. fr_BE, de_CH, es_PY,...) on Transifex.

The main reasons are that the behaviour is usually unclear/unknown (as a 
reminder, these languages uses the translations of the reference 
languages, it should only contains the differences) and the changes of 
plan on Transifex forces to remove some languages. Moreover, having 
everyone translating all over again Odoo in it's regional language is a 
waste of efforts and don't usually lead to a better translation quality.

This does not mean that we no longer support regional languages in Odoo. 
For these few terms different from the reference language, we will now 
ask you to submit these terms using github.
I will try to publish a guide on how to do so in the following weeks.

We will however accept a few exceptions to this as the Portuguese from 
Brazil that differs a lot.
The Spanish from Latin America is also a language we would like to add 
due to the big demand. This language Spanish Latin America (es_419) 
however was never present on Transifex so the progress would start at 
0%. To avoid wasting the existing translations from es_CO, es_EC, 
es_DO,... our plan was to use one of them as the base for this new 

Our question today is which one should we use?
Is there a translation that you know has a higher quality or is closer 
to the "standard" Latin America Spanish (even if I am aware it is not 
always clear)? (and try to be neutral with your own language please ;-))
Is it better to start from scratch?

Please let me know your thoughts.


Martin Trigaux

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