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Re: .po files not updated with the latest source strings

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 08/17/2016 04:07:36
On 17/08/16 09:52, Yoshi Tashiro wrote:
> It seems that the updated strings in XML files are not reflected in .po
> files, so we cannot update those strings in Transifex (some strings you
> see in Transifex are outdated).

The update of .pot file is a manual process. The module that has been 
changed should be re-exported to fetch the new terms.
The hr_expense module was outdated and I have fixed it in 9.0 (rev 
Transifex will soon (within the day usually) reflect the changes into 
the odoo-9 project.

> Not sure if this is already a known issue.  I just hope there will be a
> permanent fix as I imagine these will also be quite a number changes in
> XML strings after v10 release.  Not that the language of my focus
> (Japanese) has quite caught up, but it is a bit annoying to see
> partially untranslated screen and can’t fix it.

The changes of source should be avoided in stable version and we try not 
do so. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time and we need to 
re-export the terms.

For version 10, we will export the terms a bit before the release so 
people can start translating and it will allow us to detect errors 
(typo, grammar,..) before the final release. I will make sure to update 
regularly the terms.


Martin Trigaux