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Re: Goodbye 7.0, welcome master terms !

Nubark, Esteban Echeverry
- 08/12/2016 07:42:49

Thanks Martin. I would want to ask you when are you planning to release the regional translations such as Colombian Spanish (es_CO) which we already requested. It is quite needed as there is a great amount of business terms that are different between countries and making a unique translation would be unfeasible.

On Aug 12, 2016 5:12 AM, "Martin Trigaux" <> wrote:
On 08/08/16 10:19, Martin Trigaux wrote:
>> It would be great to have all extant translation
>> to filled in the master.
> I have contacted Transifex support as it seems there is a problem with
> the auto-fill option of the common source terms. As Olivier showed in a
> screenshot, many terms are common but they are supposed be automatically
> translated in case of a 100% match.

A quick update to tell that the translation memory has been fixed by 
Transifex and the languages terms are now filling correctly.
The good news is that there is apparently 70-80% of common terms with 
the 9.0 so far.

I have added the Hungarian language as requested (and removed the 
German). The terms should fill up soon hopefully.


Martin Trigaux

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