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Re: Goodbye 7.0, welcome master terms !

Ermin Trevisan
- 08/09/2016 02:22:49
It would be nice, if you could even wait longer than the freeze period.
There is still alot of the mess around, which happened from the
migration from 8.0 to 9.0. I will try to motivate the german team leader
and the reviewers to speed up the process.

Cheers, trevi

On 08.08.2016 10:37, Martin Trigaux wrote:
> On 08/08/16 10:22, Ermin Trevisan wrote:> The german translation for 9.0 still has so many bugs and is not >
> complete at all yet. Will translation changes in 9.0 still be forwarded
>> to master?
> The Translation Memory (not really working so far, cf previous email) is 
> supposed to use the translation when there is a 100% match of 
> translation for a term.
> However this is done at the project creation, so if a translation is 
> wrong now, it will unfortunately port the incorrect translation too.
> A translation correction is not ported to the other modules/versions 
> (that would be bad as we sometime wants explicitly a different 
> translations for a same term).
> If you wish, I can disable the German from Odoo Master now (to avoid bad 
> translations "pollution") and reactivate it only when we release the 
> 10.0 terms (in the freeze period, probably next month).
> Martin
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