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Re: Goodbye 7.0, welcome master terms !

Ermin Trevisan
- 08/08/2016 04:21:04
Dear Martin

Thanks for the information.

The german translation for 9.0 still has so many bugs and is not
complete at all yet. Will translation changes in 9.0 still be forwarded
to master?

Thanks and best regards, trevi

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On 05.08.2016 17:03, Martin Trigaux wrote:
> Hello,
> We have made some important changes in the Transifex project organisation.
> We have published the master terms and dropped the 7.0 project as well 
> as most of the languages for the documentation and website.
> This was done to reduce the volume of terms of Transifex as well as our 
> commits but also to focus the translation effort on the newest version 
> and to prepare for the version 10. This project was no longer active and 
> the removed languages were not active.
> We have also just published the terms of the master version on 
> Transifex. It is available in a few languages at:
> These are the terms of the current development version, it means the 
> content is still likely to change before the release of the version 10 
> but it allows you to prepare for the release of the v10 for the new modules.
> As the content will likely change, we have only activated a few 
> languages that had already completed the 9.0 translation.
> This version will also be an occasion to detect wrong sentences or 
> translation errors.
> We will activate new languages when releasing the stable version is 
> released or upon request. For the later, please send me an email or 
> contact me on Transifex (user account: mart_e).
> Martin
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