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Odoo Translation: December Status

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 01/08/2016 10:55:44
Hello translators,

2016 has already started for a few days, but here the last 2015 
translation status !


Most advanced languages
1.  99.66% (26953 terms) Dutch
2.  93.10% (25177 terms) Chinese
3.  86.37% (23358 terms) Hungarian
4.  75.85% (20513 terms) French
5.  72.88% (19711 terms) Portuguese
6.  71.02% (19208 terms) Croatian
7.  58.16% (15727 terms) Greek
8.  57.70% (15604 terms) Macedonian
9.  56.69% (15330 terms) Spanish
10. 55.20% (14927 terms) Spanish (Colombia)

An impressive work has been by the Chinese team that went from 13th to 
2nd place in the translation progress (+11k terms translated last month) !

The translation of the functional documentation is progressing a bit 
more slowly but it is also due to the addition of new pages (but it's 
slowing down, "only" 300 new terms have been added).

1.  51.52% (2506 terms) Spanish
2.  46.30% (2252 terms) Dutch
3.  20.64% (1004 terms) Portuguese (Brazil)
4.  20.17% (981 terms)  Chinese
5.   6.89% (335 terms)  French


These last weeks some of you may have seen some errors on a translated 
Odoo when clicking on some menus (e.g. "XMLSyntaxError: Opening and 
ending tag mismatch..."). It is mostly due to wrongly translated parts 
of some HTML documents.

We have been correcting a lot of errors lately (next synchronisation 
this Sunday) so don't forget to reload your translations (with 
'Overwrite Existing Terms' checked in debug mode) to get the corrections.

As a reminder, when translating, make sure you respect the syntax of XML 
tags (no additional spaces, closing correctly the tags) and the escaping 
of special characters. Take example on the source if you are not sure.

We are working on a way to improve the management of such translations 
errors to hide crash to the final user.


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)