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Odoo Translation: November Status

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 12/04/2015 11:27:58
Hello translators!

In this monthly newsletter, the global progress, the documentation and 
how to handle the regional variations of a language.


The new version 9.0 has gains maturity with many bug fixes and now quite 
a good translation status.

376.000 words have been translated in the last month (for 285k in 
October month). This proves a growing adoption of the new version and an 
interest to get it translated.

Here is the current progress of language for reviewed terms:

1.  99.90% (26896 terms) Dutch
2.  85.29% (22962 terms) Hungarian
3.  73.66% (19832 terms) French
4.  73.01% (19658 terms) Portuguese
5.  70.71% (19039 terms) Croatian
6.  57.99% (15612 terms) Macedonian
7.  56.94% (15331 terms) Spanish
8.  55.42% (14921 terms) Spanish (Colombia)
9.  55.04% (14818 terms) Polish
10. 54.26% (14608 terms) Greek

Hungarian is very close to be fully translated and reviewed while French 
and Chinese are almost fully translated (99 and 90%) but still lack of 
some reviewed terms (don't hesitate to help).


Last month, we have published on Transifex the functional documentation 
for those who wish to translate it.

The redaction is still in progress and published accordingly to on Odoo 
website at:

This means that of course, the number of words is still growing as the 
documentation is written.
However it's nice to see that some of you have already been actively 
working on the translation of the documentation.

Global progress:
1.  39.86% (1843 terms) Spanish
2.  35.94% (1662 terms) Dutch
3.  17.80% (823 terms) Portuguese (Brazil)
4.  16.03% (741 terms) Chinese (China)
5.  6.23% (288 terms) French

Spanish and Dutch translations are already published on the website 
while Portuguese and Chinese are working well and will probably be soon 
published as well.


The way the regional versions of a language (e.g. French from Belgium 
(fr_BE) vs French (fr)) is not very clear in Odoo. When discussing with 
translators, I often realise it is not very well understood.
As a reminder, when an Odoo instance is running in fr_BE, the 
translations from fr_BE will be used and it will use the one from fr 
(the "main" language) for the missing terms. This means that the 
French-Belgium should actually only contain the terms that are different 
from French.

Translation the same term in both versions would be a waste of effort, 
would lead to bigger files (FYI, translation files are taking more than 
the half of the size of the Odoo source folder) and is harder to 
maintain (need to correct errors on multiple places).

Unfortunately, in Transifex, this inheritance mechanism is not clear and 
languages seems to be almost not translated. This means that a regional 
language often seems incomplete while it may actually be fully 
translated. Some new translators will start translating what seems 
untranslated to them instead of focussing on the main language. As the 
regional languages are less active, it will often take more time to get 
reviewed or to correct errors.

For this reason, we would like to remove the regional versions of a 
language from Transifex.

Odoo would still support the regional variations (and keep existing 
translations) but the difference would be made on GitHub, trough pull 
requests. This way, we hope that translators will concentrate on making 
the main languages complete and fully reviewed while we make sure that 
submitted regional variations are maintained to the minimum.
We believe that for most variations (there is a few exceptions like 
zh_CN or pt_BR) have very few terms different and a regional translation 
should be quite small.

This would of course require some changes in the teams organisation and 
we need to determine the list of languages to keep.
For that I would like to get your feedback and see how we can make the 
transition the more efficient.

Let us know what you think.



Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)