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Odoo Translation: Octobre Status

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 11/02/2015 10:08:47
Hello translators!

In this montly newsletter, the global progress, finding the context of a 
term, the functional documentation and the OCA !


The version 9 has been released for a month now and the translation is 
going quite well. Portuguese, Hungarian and Croatian have progressed 
quite well in one month !

285.000 words have been translated in the last months. In comparison, a 
full Odoo 9.0 contains 165k words !

Here is the current progress of language for reviewed terms:

1.  99.52% (26786 terms) Dutch
2.  71.56% (19261 terms) Portuguese
3.  71.42% (19223 terms) Hungarian
4.  59.38% (15982 terms) Croatian
5.  57.24% (15406 terms) Macedonian
6.  56.35% (15168 terms) French
7.  55.43% (14919 terms) Spanish
8.  55.08% (14825 terms) Polish
9.  51.57% (13881 terms) Slovenian
10. 50.71% (13649 terms) German

Which language will be the second to be completed for Odoo 9.0?


When translating, a frequent issue is to know the context of the term, 
where does it comes from.

To help you on this, we have added a new section on the translation wiki 
to help you understand the meaning of the occurrence on Transifex.

This is still quite brief but don't hesitate to help us out to make more 
user friendly for developers.

Functional documentation

As you may know, we have started to publish some functional 
documentation on Odoo 9.0 at
(only the Accounting application has been completed so far)

Some of you have shown an interest to translate it in different 
languages. For instance the Chinese team has already started a great 
work of translating it at

Now that have reached a good level of progress on the documentation. We 
are working on making it translatable as well.

Expect more news in the following days.


Last but not least, translating for Odoo is great but is not the only 
source of code and translatable terms. Our friends at the OCA have 
published explaining how to help translate both Odoo and the OCA.

I invite you to check it out and don't hesitate to help them out as well !

Have a great day!


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)